Mask-cleaning gone wrong 

man cooks mask cover
Images adapted from: Mai Phutti Sukadecha

We’ve all heard how important it is to keep face masks clean and how you must replace them if dirty or wet. But we’re running out of surgical masks to stockpile on, so people found creative ways to save them from the trash bin.

Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang posted a Twitter video last Tuesday on how to kill germs on a worn surgical mask with a rice cooker.

audrey tang
Image credit: Audrey Tang

In the video, Tang placed a worn surgical mask into the rice cooker without water, turned it on, and waited for 8 minutes for the mask to “cook” and cool.

Man ended up cooking his mask

A Buriram man named Mai Phutti Sukadecha decided to take a shot at Tang’s mask-cleansing method to see if it would work. As it turns out, the method worked too well because his mask got burnt and shrivelled like an overcooked egg.

man cooks mask ricecooker
Image credit: Mai Phutti Sukadecha

In his post, Mr. Sukadecha posted photos of himself wearing the ruined mask after the botched attempt to revitalize his own mask. He cheekily thanks Tang for her idea.

man cooks mask comment 3

Translation: Thank you Audrey Tang for showing how to use rice cookers to kill germs on masks. 

man cooks mask
Image credit: Mai Phutti Sukadecha

They say laughter is the best medicine, and the comments under the post seem to agree, while some tried to explain what went wrong: 

man cooks mask comment 4

Translation: That’s a different type of rice cooker. You need the kind with different settings. 

man cooks mask comment 2

Translation: She put it in a steamer bowl before the cooker. If you put it right against the cooker, it’s going to turn out like this. She killed the germs by steaming it.

man cooks mask comment

Translation: You definitely killed the germs, but you also can’t wear it anymore. Hahaha!

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