Boy saved by rescue officer in Thailand

Boy saved by rescue officer
Images adapted from: Mono29 News, Kusolsongkhor Chiangmai Association

On 23rd December 2019, Maejo Municipality Rescue Unit in Chiang Mai received an emergency phone call from the local police station that there was a male student sitting on a rail of a pedestrian overpass in the vicinity of Maejo University. 

Boy saved by rescue officer
Image credit: Mono29 News

In no time, the crew of rescue officers rushed to the scene to control the situation. The student was absent-minded and seemed likely to jump off. But because the boy’s life was in their hands, the officers needed to think of the best way to get him away from danger. 

Rescue officer pretended to be homeless man

After an hour of trying to speak to the boy, Mr. Wittawas Sinworasritaweekoon, the Chief of Rescue, came up with a new idea. As their talks didn’t seem to be working, it was time to think out of the box.

So, he took off his uniform, wore some old home clothes, and pretended that he was a homeless man just passing by. Mr. Wittawas then walked behind the boy and pretending that he was looking for something in the trash – his aim was “ignore” the boy so as to not alarm him in anyway. 

Rushed to grab the boy back to safety


After buying a short amount of time, Mr. Wittawas found the perfect moment to swiftly pull the boy away from the rail and away from danger. It was truly a moment where time must have stood still as he had to act quickly. 

Boy saved by rescue officer
Mr. Wittawas made sure the boy was not hurt in anyway
Image credit: Kusolsongkhor Chiangmai Association

After the incident, he mentioned that he didn’t expect himself to be a hero – he just wanted to help the troubled kid. 

“Committing suicide is not the right way out of any problems. If people are troubled, they should be able to consult others, whether friends or relatives. Every problem has a solution,” said Mr Wittawas

Boy saved by rescue officer
Image credit: Mono29 News

Never be afraid to seek help

We’re happy to know that the young student is safe and sound, and that there are people like Mr. Wittawas looking out for others.

If you find yourself in a dark place, always know that there are ways to seek help. Here are some helpful hotlines you can reach out to if you or a loved one needs it:

  • Mental Health Hotline by Ministry of Public Health (1323, 24 hours)
  • Mental Health Hotline by Rajavithi Hospital (+66 2 354 8152, 24 hours)
  • Listen With Heart Service by Samaritans Association of Thailand (+66 2 713 6793, 12PM-10PM, Daily)

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