Hair donation to make wigs for cancer patients

Due to chemotherapy and other treatments, cancer patients often lose their hair as part of the process of fighting the battle. As a result, many turn to wigs as a way to boost their confidence and encourage themselves to fight against the disease

To support them, we can do our part by donating our hair to wig making causes – just like little Reilly from England.  

Never had a haircut in his life

Donates hair to cancer patientsImages adapted from: The Sun and Dailymail

Reilly Stancombe is a 9-year-old boy from England who decided to have his very first haircut to help young cancer patients in August. 

He had started to grow his hair ever since he was young after taking inspiration from his favourite football player, Gareth Bale, who is known for his long tresses and man-bun.

Donates hair to cancer patients
Image credit: PA Real Life

Reilly has had a bowel condition since he was born, and during his recent appointment with a doctor at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, he saw The Little Princess Trust organisation helping some young patients with hair wigs. 

He told his mom that he wanted to help those children by donating his hair. Then, he visited a barber and had over 2 feet of his hair cut for the cause. 

Donates hair to cancer patients
Reilly at the barber for his first haircut
Image credit: PA MEDIA

Donates hair to cancer patients
Image credit:
The Sun

Reilly was happy with his new hairstyle and shared, “They [cancer patients] had something but it was taken away because of an illness they had and I hope I make them happy because now they’ve got hair again.”

Donates hair to cancer patients
Image credit: The Sun

After his story was shared on social media, there have been many donors supporting the organisation, with over ฿200,000 (~USD6,457.80) raised so far to continue making wigs for young patients. 

Reilly still looks good with the short hair, right? Moreover, his story inspires other people to do good while giving tons of encouragement to cancer fighters everywhere. 

Your football idol will be proud of you too!

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Featured image adapted from: PA Real Life and Dailymail

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