Buddha Amulets Made From Recyclable Waste On Sale For ฿100 Or 1KG Of Plastic

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Thailand has Buddha amulets made from recycled materials

The world is constantly shifting and innovating. With the constant transformation of markets and lifestyles also comes a never-ending stream of new products.

While we certainly appreciate and benefit from snazzy gadgets, they often end up in landfills once we move onto the next big thing.

One design studio is working to combat this by creating high-demand items, Buddha amulets, from recycled materials.

Here’s what we know about these green amulets and where you can snag them.

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Thai designers upcycle waste to make Buddha amulets

On 14th February 2022, reports of Thailand-based firms, Dots Design Studio and Qualy Design, distributing Buddha amulets crafted with recycled materials were posted on Reuters.

plastic-waste-amuletImage credit: Soe Zeya Tun via Reuters

Buyers could snag these amulets for ฿100 (~USD3) or 1KG of plastic.

recyclable-amuletImage credit: Soe Zeya Tun via Reuters

On the back of each amulet, the Thai word for “awareness” is printed. The designers hope that the print will remind people to be more conscious of the materials they’re consuming, said Teerachai Suppameteekulwat from Qualy Design as published in Today Online.

Amulets have been blessed by religious authorities

These upcycled amulets are a product of the designers connecting Thai culture and the environment, according to Krit Phutpim, a director at the Studio.

buddha-amulet-recycleImage credit: Soe Zeya Tun via Reuters

With that in mind, every amulet has been blessed by monks.

While amulets are typically made of organic materials like bone, hair and ash, wearers can be rest assured that these products still hold religious value.

recyclable-buddha-amuletImage credit: Soe Zeya Tun via Reuters

Furthermore, profits from this project will be distributed to charity organisations. And, according to Buddhist belief, partaking in philanthropic events is a central part of generating good karma and attracting favourable outcomes.

Upcycling ups the earth’s longevity

With the amount of production that industries produce, it’s unfortunately unsurprising that there is so much waste floating around.

However, it’s also unsurprising that innovators are working hard towards offsetting the issue. So, hats off to these designers for keeping both progress and sustainability in mind when creating new products.

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Cover images adapted from (L-R): Soe Zeya Tun via Reuters

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