Rangers find tourist’s phone in the sea

A joyful trip can quickly turn into an awful one if get into an accident or lose our personal belongings. When we travel, we should make it a point to secure our belongings at all times, even when we’re having fun.

In this case, a woman lost her phone during a trip to a national park. Unfortunately, the situation was dire as her phone contained important files.

Luckily, the rangers of the national park found a phone after a 2-day search in the sea and sent it back to her. Here’s how the story played out.

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Woman loses her phone during a trip in Hat Noppharat Thara 

On a trip to visit Hat Noppharat Thara, or more specifically Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park with her family, the OP’s mum fell down at the beach, according to a viral Facebook post dated 27th March 2022.

Afterwards, Ms Joyce Nantiskarn realised that she had left her phone with her mom, and that it had gone missing along with money attached to the case.

Rangers Finds Tourist's Phone Image credit: Joyce Nantiskarn

She and her family attempted to search for the phone but to no avail. As the phone contained important files, she gave her address and contact information to the rangers just in case they had updates on her case.

Park rangers find the phone after 2 days of searching

Fortunately, the rangers’ perseverance paid off. After 2 days of searching, park employees successfully found the phone and contacted her to send it back to her via Kerry Express.

Rangers Find Tourist's PhoneImage credit: Joyce Nantiskarn

Thankfully, the phone was still in working condition, and could be booted up just fine – so the important files were intact.

Rangers refuse to accept money offered by the phone owner

To express her gratitude, the woman offered the rangers some money to thank them for getting the phone back to her.

However, the park rangers turned down the offer and said that they simply hoped to see her family visit the national park someday soon.

Rangers Find Tourist's PhoneImage credit: Joyce Nantiskarn

If this wholesome story doesn’t make you go ‘aww’, we’re not sure what will.

Happy that the OP got her phone back in good condition

Sometimes, unfortunate incidents happen and make us desperate. At the same time, with the help of others, our misfortune can easily be turned around.

We’re glad that thanks to the assist from the rangers, the national park has now earned a positive reputation among all of us.

If you’re planning a trip down soon to this national park, we know you’ll be in good hands.

Cover image adapted from: Joyce Nantiskarn

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