RakDok Floral Weeks at Hua Takhe Old Market 

photogenic flower festival in BangkokImages adapted from: @aumjumma, กระเพาะเดินทาง tummytravel, and เที่ยวแล้วเที่ยวอีก 

Hua Takhe Old Market is the biggest fresh market in the Ladkrabang district of Bangkok. This place is the perfect choice if you need to sneak away from the hustle and bustle in the city centre.  

RakDok Floral Weeks is bringing a splash of vivid vibes to this old market, making it more interesting than ever before. 

Tons of colourful flowers as backdrops

photogenic flower festival in BangkokImage credit: เที่ยวแล้วเที่ยวอีก

RakDok Floral Weeks is a project created by wedding planner and organisers Rainforest The Wedding, Café aux fleurs, and local stalls in Hua Takhe Old Market. The aim of this event is to raise up the happiness of people during the hard time of a pandemic. 

photogenic flower festival in BangkokImages adapted from: เที่ยวแล้วเที่ยวอีก and เภพาเที่ยว

The team is bringing various types of flowers to craft unique blooming art installations and backdrops all around the market. 

The surprising fact is that most of the flowers here are the real and fresh ones, not artificial plastic flowers.

RakDok Floral WeeksImage credit: รักดอก RakDok

The highlight is a boat surrounded by violet flowers which will make you feel like you are rowing in the middle of a floral river. 

RakDok Floral WeeksImage credit: RAKDOK

RakDok Floral Weeks
Image credit:

RakDok Floral Weeks
Image credit:
กระเพาะเดินทาง tummytravel

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Grab a drink and enjoy the old school vibes 

photogenic flower festival in BangkokImage credit: กระเพาะเดินทาง tummytravel

Aside from enjoying a photoshoot, you can try different Thai cuisine from Cafe’ aux Fleurs like Pork Crackling Chili Paste or Thai desserts like Kanom Tian or a Sweet Stuffed Dough Pyramid. 

photogenic flower festival in BangkokDon’t hesitate to try their flower cold brew coffee
Image credit: RAKDOK and เที่ยวแล้วเที่ยวอีก

There are many other cafes and food stalls offering delicious Thai street food and desserts at the market to explore too. 

RakDok Floral Weeks will be available for photo buffs to check out from now until 4th August 2020. 

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Event Information
RakDok Floral Weeks
Hua Takhe Old Market
07 Jul - 04 Aug 2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Things to note:

Nearest Train Station: Airport Rail Link Ladkrabang
Telephone: +66 83 289 1955