Dog rescued after getting stuck under gate

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Image adapted from: Springnews

It’s heart-wrenching seeing photos of this little dog, whose head got stuck under a heavy metal gate for 2 days before it was rescued. 

On 28th August 2019, a rescuer from Songserm Tham Foundation in Udon Thani province rushed to The P.K. Thani village after someone had reported that a puppy’s head was stuck under a gigantic house gate.

At the scene, the black dog, which was around 4-5 months old, was lying down with his neck under the gate. It was apparent that this furry boy couldn’t move at all.

 Noodle Sellers Free Dog

Image credit: Thairath

But he wasn’t alone. Staying with the dog was 59 year-old Nongnuch Sirisetthachai, a nearby noodle stall’s owner, and her younger brother. They also were the people who reported the incident to the rescue centre.

 Noodle Sellers Free Dog

Ms. Nongnuch Sirisetthachai
Image credit: Springnews

They also named this unfortunate canine “Dum” (meaning black in Thai), after the colour of its fur.

Noodle sellers will take responsibility if the gate was to get damaged

Although equipped with a tool, the rescuer couldn’t do anything as the owner of the home wasn’t present. It was later found out to be because they had been working abroad for almost 2 years.

As a dog lover, Ms. Nongnuch couldn’t stand seeing the pup in that condition anymore. So she and her brother assured the rescuer that they would take full responsibility if the gate got damaged during the rescue process. He then proceeded to lift the gate up with an extrication tool. 

 Noodle Sellers Free Dog

Image credit: Thairath

As soon as the gate was lifted, the pup was quick to get out and run away into the house. Ms. Nongnuch speculated that it would use a back gate to leave the house. She only hoped that it would not get his head stuck again – we hope so too.

Found the pup after hearing it whine

Ms. Nongnuch recalled the time she heard the dog’s cries, which lasted 2 days. At first she thought it was her neighbour’s dogs, but the sound continued all day and night.

She then followed the sound and found Dum stuck under the gate. Ms. Nongnuch also revealed that she adore dogs but doesn’t have any for hygiene reasons, as she operates a food stall. 

Thank you Ms. Nongnuch for alerting the rescuer and saving Dum! 

If you happen to be in Udon Thani and want to support this aunty’s noodle business you can visit her at the following address:

Peng Kuay Tiew Ped Branch 2
Address: 119, PK.4 Village, Udon-Nong Khai Friendship Rd, Tambon Mu Mon, Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani, Chang Wat Nong Khai.