Rescue officers save puppies

puppies rescued from narrow gap in thailand

Images adapted from: thairathtv 

A mother’s love is so powerful, and not just among human beings, but other creatures too. If you don’t believe me, this momma dog will prove just that. On 12th August 2019, Panya Taoputtha from Bueng Kan Province heard a dog barking from where he was. He paid attention and looked for the source of the sound, only to find puppies that were trapped between in a narrow gap in the ground. 

He tried to rescue the poor puppies by himself, but it didn’t seem to work. So, he decided to call the Sawangsriwilai Rescue Team for help. 

Panya Taoputtha, the man who called the rescue team

Panya Taoputtha, who called the rescue officers to help the puppies.
Image credit: thairathtv 

Momma dog waited for help the whole time

As this was happening, the puppies’ mother watched carefully. She was barking and running in circles. She was probably worried as she couldn’t help her puppies.

momma dog waiting for her puppies

Momma dog was waiting for the officers to help
Image credit: thairathtv

The gap was 3m deep and just 10cm wide, and rescue officers had to use bamboo sticks and rope to pull the puppies up. They had to be careful as the puppies were still young and weak. 

rescue officers saving the puppies

The rescue officers used bamboo sticks and rope to help the puppies
Image credit: thairathtv

Puppies were sent to the vet right after

It took the team a few hours to retrieve all 5 puppies from the gap, but fortunately, they were all safe. They had some wounds from being scratched, and were immediately sent to the vets for a check-up. Needless to say, momma dog was glad too – she was seen nursing her pups as soon as they were out.

Even though Mother’s Day has passed, you can still send love to your mommas too, ‘cuz they’ll always have your back.

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