Puppies saved from flood in Samut Prakan

puppies saved from flood

Image adapted by: JS100

Like a rainbow after the rain, there’s always something good that comes out of what seems like an unfortunate event. On 7th August 2019, 3 puppies were saved by locals in Thailand’s Samut Prakan province after getting stuck under a temple pavilion as a result of a flood.

The pups’ mother had dug a hole near the building’s foundation in Niyom Yattra temple to live with her new-borns. Unfortunately, the heavy rainfall over the last couple of days caused a flood in the area, which blocked the entrance that led to the canines’ nest under the pavilion’s base.

Mother couldn’t bring her children out  

the mother dog wait for chilfrenThe puppies’ mother was seen walking around the scene
Image credit: Rawisarakron Maksuk

After the flood occurred, the mother canine found a way to get out. But her 3 children were too little to be carried out, so she had no other option but to wait for the flood to level down.

However, the water hadn’t gone down for 2 days.

man digs hole to save puppies

Image credit: JS100

According to JS100, the sounds of 3 little siblings’s cries could be heard over the course of those 2 days, bringing dismay to the hearts of everyone who heard it.  

Some bypassers recounted seeing the mother helplessly walking around the blocked hole, listening to her children crying. What is this water in my eyes?!

People took the matter into their own hands

After realising that the water was not going to go down anytime soon and that the 3 puppies must’ve been starving, the locals knew they had to save these unfortunate pups by themselves.

man help puppies

Image credit: JS100

kid helps saving puppies

Even a kid lends a hand
Image credit: JS100

They started smashing parts of the cement pavement and dug a big hole for an adult human to easily get into. A man then went in to get to the puppies.

woman dries a puppy towel

A lady dries the puppies up with a towel
Image credit: Rawisarakron Maksuk

Mom finally reunites with her children  

The mother and her children were finally reunited thanks to the kind locals’ help. But it didn’t stopped there – they bought dog food for the canines too.  

dog eat sweet

Oh, my heart
Image credit: Rawisarakron Maksuk

When it comes to tough times like this, it’s heartwarming to see people reach out to help those in need – human or not.

From cute K-9s looking for bombs on the BTS to this story, an important point is crystal clear: humans and canines can always find a way to rely on one another.