Proud Phu Fah in Chiang Mai

As the end of the year gets closer, temperatures tend to get just a tiny bit lower in Thailand. To celebrate this short period of “winter”, locals flock up to Northern provinces like Chiang Mai.

If you’re not a fan of crowds but still want to experience pockets of Chiang Mai’s cold weather, we’d recommended heading up to Proud Phu Fah, a resort high up on the peaks of Mae Rim, anytime of the year.

Here’s why you should book your getaway to the verdant boutique hotel ASAP.

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Proud Phu Fah is a forest escape in Chiang Mai

Seated 1,150M above sea level on Mt. Mae Rim in Chiang Mai is Proud Phu Fah Hip & Green Resort.

Proud-Phu-Fah-ForestImage credit: @proudphufah

The establishment is set among the mountain’s lush forests and flowing streams, ensuring naturally-purified air and year-round shade from the towering trees at such high altitudes.

mountain-resort-chiang-maiImage credit: Proud Phu Fah Chiang Mai

Visitors can also opt to stay next to the stream in one of the resort’s private villas.

garden-resort-thailandImage credit: @oshin.camper

High-ceilinged villas at Proud Phu Fah

The hotel is divided into two zones: the Villa and Phu Zone. The Phu is a three-storey building with 10 rooms situated in the middle of  nature while the resort’s nine villas are located next to the stream.

Proud-Phu-Fah-VillasImage credit: @salee.cute21

All of the villas have high ceilings that’ll help cool the room down to the point where you won’t have to turn on the AC at night.

garden-resort-thailandImage credit: @salee.cute21

Villa sizes range from 1-2 bedrooms, with some of them even boasting private outdoor jacuzzies. Depending on the type you choose, prices start at ฿3,000 (~USD91)/night.

The Honeymoon Villa starts at ฿5,000 (~USD152)/night.
Image credit: @salee.cute21

If villas just aren’t your style, but you’re still looking for a cool getaway in the Chiang Mai forest with a private tub, the hotel has other options for you.

Rooms with private bathtubs and pools

Though not divided into separate houses like the villa section, the hotel’s Phu Zone offers maximum privacy with only three rooms on each floor.

Image credit: Proud Phu Fah Chiang Mai

The Mountain View 203 Room has an indoor bathtub and starts at ฿5,500 (~USD168)/night.

Proud-Phu-Fah-VillasImage credit: @krajui_walaithorn

However, if outdoor tubs are more your speed, you can request any of the other rooms in the Phu section – as they almost all of them have outdoor jacuzzies that overlook the Chiang Mai mountains and are around the same price.

Proud-Phu-Fah-bathtubImage credit: @mai_chiraphat

That is, except for the Pool Near Stream rooms.

proud-phu-fahImage credit: @inkainq

And the only reason the Pool Near Stream rooms don’t have outdoor jacuzzies is because they have private saltwater pools instead.

proud-phu-fahImage credit: แล้วแต่ตัว

A night in one of the Pool Near Stream rooms start at ฿7,000 (~USD213).

Disconnect to reconnect

Over the past two years, we’ve probably become extremely familiar with our electronic devices and our immediate surroundings. We know exactly how many milliseconds it’ll take for our computers to reboot, and what the aunty at the end of the street is selling each day.

While the knowledge is certainly valuable, the fact that you know all this probably is a sign you should get out more. With Thailand slowly opening up, it’s a good opportunity for us to get away from our desks and explore the beauty the country has to offer.

Proud Phu Fah’s many amenities will surely make disconnecting from your phone and reconnecting with yourself and nature very easy.

Proud Phu Fah Hip & Green Resort
Address: 97/5 Moo 1, Mae Rim Samoeng Rd. (km. 18) T. Pongyang, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180
Telephone: +66 8 1647 7437
Proud Phu Fah website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @mai_chiraphat, แล้วแต่ตัว, @proudphufah

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