Holidays behind bars

Known as a resort country, Thailand is now planning to step up its tourism game to another level with help from an unlikely source; the Justice ministry.

The Department of Corrections, an agency under the Thai Ministry of Justice, revealed a plan to turn 72 prisons throughout the country into tourist attractions.

Somsak Thepsuthin, the justice minister, said on Monday that attractions could include food events for inmate chefs as well as souvenir shops selling crafted goods from the prison. 

Create jobs for inmates

Thai chilli paste cooked by an inmate

Image credit: The Cloud

In Thailand, inmates have always been trained by experts and teachers in various occupation fields such as cooking, building, and crafting art to prepare them for the outside world. However, this fulfilling project would help inmates earn income from the inside while still serving their sentences.   

Inmates practising sculpture   

Image credit: ฺBBC Thai

So far, 5 prisons are working on pilot projects, said the minister. The project is expected to expand to 67 other prisons in 2021 – that’s 72 prisons in total – 50% of the 143 prisons in Thailand. 

If successful, The Justice ministry will work with the Tourism and Sport Ministry to promote these alternative tourist attractions for more travellers to visit.

Featured image adapted from: The Standard

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