Popyut is a spin-off of the game “Popcat”

We have seen video games that have featured Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha’s look-alike.

But, have you wondered how would he look like as the main attraction of an in-browser game? We’d like to introduce you Popyut, a game that allows users to continuously click on the Thai PM’s face while also gaining points for doing so.

Here’s the mechanics of the new game and how you can play.

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Popyut shows the Thai PM playing football

Recently, the Popcat spin-off, Popyut has been launched by a Thai software developer. Similar to how users have to click on the cat in Popcat for its mouth to open, Popyut users earn points by clicking on the Thai PM’s face, as published in Coconuts Bangkok on 16th August 2021.

In Popyut, PM Prayuth is seen playing football, and clicking on his face makes the Thai PM fall down.

Screenshot: Prayut.click

Popyut is designed to show the four phases of Uncle Tu’s mini football match with other government officials. If you click on the PM’s face three times, the ball gets snatched away from him and he rolls over onto the ground.

Adapted images from: Prayut.click

Currently, the website is undergoing in its beta phase, yet it has a petite ‘popping’ sound as you click.

The original Popcat game rose to fame this month 

For those who haven’t tried the original Popcat, it works the same as Popyut. Developed by a British national, Edward Halls, the programme will allow cat slaves to binge-click on this adorable catto in order to turn its little smile into a wide grin.

With over 40 billion clicks on the feline across the nation, Thailand currently ranks first in the game’s global leader board. Looks like this Asian nation truly has more than thousands of cat slaves.

Screenshot: popcat.click

Can you beat the Popyut clicking record?

Once there are more players that join the game, we assume there’ll be a leaderboard. Whether or not if you have played Popyut, do you think you can consistently click away and beat other users?

While we think about our chances of winning, we’re gonna go stretch out our fingers so we can continue holding Thailand’s #1 spot in the Popcat rankings.

Cover images adapted from: popcat.click (Left), Prayut.click (Right)

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