Air pollution in Chiang Mai

Thai students produce PM2.5 Face Masks to cope with air pollution
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Sanook and MasquraX

Chiang Mai’s air pollution has topped the World AQI Rank and is only getting worse after the recent bushfire that has been going on for over 2 weeks now. Other regions in Thailand also face similar problems with air pollution problems – and paired with the spread of COVID-19 virus, face masks’ prices have shot up significantly. 

To support national park officers, firefighters, and everyday citizens, some students from Chiang Mai University have come up with an air purifying face mask model of their own. 

MasquraX – a redesigned face mask

Thai produces PM2.5 Face Masks
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Chiang Mai has been dealing with air pollution problems for a long time, and it’s troubling to see the wildfire make things worse. So, these young students decided to try and find a solution for people to protect themselves during this time.

MasquraX is a “positive pressure face mask” that is confirmed to have 99% coverage against PM2.5. 

Thai students produce PM2.5 Face Masks
This air filter which is connected to the face mask can filter out harmful particles
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This mask was produced by mechanical engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering. Laboratory testing and expert advisors from Nelson Labs also confirmed that the mask is able to filter out nanoparticles as small as 0.1 microns. 

PM2.5 Face Masks from Thai students
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Moreover, its design also stands out for its creative look that’s different from the normal face masks we use. This mask will be further researched to make it more practical so that people can use it in real life

See the model being demonstrated in this video and get information on the project here

Hoping it can be used as soon as possible 

PM2.5 Face Masks from Chiang Mai uni studentsImage credit: Sanook

The model is successfully working, but will still need more research conducted in order to make it more practical for everyday use. 

We hope those living in Chiang Mai province stay strong during this time, and kudos to these students who put in the effort to create something useful for society! 

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