Police’s dog gets shot at checkpoint

It’s unfathomable to most fur-parents that anyone would ever hurt their pets – especially to many canine owners whose dogs are part of their families.

So imagine that your dog had been shot, and people are claiming you’ve hurt your own puppy. What would you do? 

This situation is currently Mr. Suphasian Phajamongkol’s reality. The police’s dog was shot at a Covid-19 checkpoint and Officer Phajamongkol is currently the main suspect in the investigation.

Let’s unpack what the owner had to say about the case.

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Police’s dog gets shot at Covid-19 checkpoint

Leo, a female dog who belongs to Nakhon Sawan-based police officer, Sergeant Major Suphasian Phajamongkol, was shot at a Covid-19 checkpoint on 8th June 2021. A Facebook page, Watch Dog Thailand, claimed that the officer had shot her, reported Channel 7 News

Later, the officer asserted that he didn’t shoot her.

Image credit: Line Today via Amarin News

The owner said he came to discover that Leo was shot whilst they were playing together. Mr. Phajamongkol claims that he then immediately took his companion to the vet, where she had to undergo surgery to remove the BB gun bullet. 

The BB bullet
Image credit: Watch Dog Thailand

He believes there are unidentified persons who are trying to defame him. Ever since he received his promotion as a Sergeant Major, there have been similar issues, according to Line Today.

Police’s dog is well-mannered and not aggressive

Generally, Leo’s a friendly and happy-go lucky pup. She’s never displayed any aggressive behaviour towards anyone, claimed the owner.

police's-doggo-gets-shotImage credit: MGR Online

Like every other doggie, she loves running around, but is never out of her owner’s sight.

Stay tuned for updates on the case

Due to the characteristics of the doggo and police officer, it may seem unusual that Leo was shot. Luckily for the pup, she is on the right track to recovery. 

Let’s hope that Leo gets to live the rest of her doggy days safely and happily.

We hope authorities will investigate the case thoroughly and resolve the matter soon.

Cover images adapted from: MGR Online (Left), Matichon (Right)

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