70-year-old grandpa plays Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a virtual reality game which was released back in 2016 to fulfil the dreams of Pokemon trainers from all around the world. 

This game hasn’t just impressed only young fans of the series, but also one special 70-year-old grandpa from Taiwan. This mega fan is so obsessed with the game that he has over 64 mobile phones to capture and train his monsters.

Grandpa used to be an ambassador for a mobile phone brand

Chen San-yuan is a 70-year-old Taiwanese grandpa who really loves playing Pokemon GO. He received his first smartphone from his child in 2016 and has been playing the game since. 

Taiwanese Pokemon GO Grandpa
Image credit: Mashable 

He started making waves after people noticed that he was fixing mobile phones onto his bicycle handlebars to play the game better, and was even selected to be an ambassador for ASUS mobile in 2019. 

Grandpa has been training his legion of Pokemon monsters for over 2 years now, and the number of mobile phones has been steadily increasing from time to time. 

Pokemon GO grandpa in Taiwan
Image credit: Notebookspec

He had 6 devices at first, then increased the count to 15 phones in 2018 and 24 devices in 2019. This year, grandpa has over 64 mobile phones attached to his bicycle. 

Taiwanese Pokemon GO Grandpa
Image credit: Taiwan English News

Grandpa, you are a real Pokemon trainer!

Pokemon GO grandpa
Image credit: Taiwan English News

The game also encourages him to exercise by cycling around the city to explore and capture monsters. Besides, the game is a hobby to him that helps give him a peace of mind.

Nevertheless, with over 64 phones on his handlebars, we hope grandpa stays safe and knows where he’s going too.

Let’s guess how many phones he will have on his bike next year! 

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Featured images adapted from: Khaosod and Taiwan English News

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