Sweet Pitbull in Mexico

Pitbull Terriers have a bad rep – they’re more known for their roles in dog fighting or for attacking their owners. What’s often overlooked is that these dogs are actually some of the sweetest and most loyal creatures, if nurtured to be. Hades the Pitbull terrier showed his caretaking instincts when he brought home a cat and begged his dad, Juan Jose P Flores, to keep it.

Invited mama into the doghouse

On a quiet afternoon at home, Juan noticed scratches against the backdoor, which leads to Hades’ terrace. He opened the door to find his very bouncy and animated pitbull, who kept gesturing and bouncing towards his dog house. 

Curious and alarmed, Juan followed Hades to the dog’s abode, where he discovered a cat wrapped in Hades’s blanket.

dog adopts pregnant cat
Hades brought mama cat into his doghouse
Image credit: Kapook

Putting two and two together, Juan deduced that his baby, Hades, had adopted a new baby, as reported on Bored Panda. From the moment Juan discovered his grand-kitty, Hades didn’t leave the doghouse unguarded. The owner shared that Hades dragged a blanket over to the entrance of his house and settled outside the door. 

The purr-fect gift for Hades 

Juan, and obviously Hades, was pleased with the new addition to their family, who they named Nicol. A couple weeks later, however, Juan was surprised once more – Nicol had two kittens in Hades’ house.

baby kitten raised by pitbullNewborn kittens
Image credit: Bored Panda

Over the next couple of weeks, Hades continued to stay right by Nicol’s side. Juan remarked that the two would spend lots of time playing together, and it seemed like Hades took on the role of ‘dad’ until the kittens found permanent homes months later. 

cat with a dog dadOne of the kittens at 2 months old
Image credit: Juan José P Flores

More than man’s best friend 

This story is a good example of never judging a book by its cover – Hades the pitbull not only befriended a cat, but helped take care of her kittens. A lot of people say that it’s a pitbull’s nature to fight, this story shows that it’s also instinctual for them to care for others while ensuring they are safe. 

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Featured images adapted from: Juan José P. Flores

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