Instagrammable cafes in Phuket

When it comes to Phuket, we’re all geared up with swimwear and sunscreen – all ready for the sprawling white beaches and clear blue waters. But there’s more to Phuket than just #beachlife it’s also an island that’s filled with undiscovered cafes. From a book-themed cafe to a farm-to-table joint, here are 8 cafes in Phuket to get your brunch fix from.

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1. Tung Ka Cafe – panoramic sunset view

Phuket cafes - Tung Ka Cafe

A cafe-bar, Tung Ka Cafe is tucked away right at the top of Phuket’s Rang Hill. Don’t think you can simply stroll up here – it’s a windy road with poorly maintained walking paths that tend to disappear into gravel right around the bends. But it’s worth heading up for the panoramic view.

Phuket cafes - Tung Ka Cafe

The entire Phuket stretches ahead – mountain peaks, blue seas, and the ebbing sunset all in one frame.

Phuket cafes - Tung Ka Cafe

The best time to come? In the evening, around 4 to 5PM just as the sky flickers a dim orange and the cool night breeze takes over. Make sure you’ve got a cocktail in hand: they come refreshing and vibrantly coloured with names like Tunk-ka Sunset and Phuket Blue. Both are priced at ฿180 (~USD5).

Tung Ka Cafe
At the top of Rang Hill, Phuket Town
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 10:30AM-10:30PM
Telephone: +66 7 6211 500
Tung Ka Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

2. Hidden Pot Bakery & Cafe – Muji-inspired cafe

Phuket cafes - Hidden Pot Bakery & Cafe
Image credit:

With minimal Muji-style decor and occasional leafy pot plant, it’s almost as if we’ve entered the filming set of Terrace House. Hidden Pot Bakery & Cafe is exactly how its name sounds – it’s lesser-known even among locals since it’s relatively hard to find.

Phuket cafes - Hidden Pot Bakery & Cafe
Image credit: @thehiddenpot

While the Creamy Omelet with Bacon on Rice (฿69, ~USD2) is a solid choice, it’s their Turtle Waffle (฿89, ~USD3) that’s most worth the calories – it comes with a crisp outer layer fully coated with sprinkled sugar.

Their drinks are just as unusual too. Take the Hidden Hot Chocolate (฿60, ~USD1.80) – it comes as a steaming hot mug of milk, and you’ll have to stir it with your own chocolate-covered stick.

Hidden Pot Bakery & Cafe
30/5 Soi Ruam Chai, Old Town Phuket 8300, Thailand
Opening hours: 12PM-7PM, Sunday – Thursday (Closed on Fridays)
Telephone: +66 9 8505 6616
Hidden Pot Bakery & Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

3. The Feelsion Cafe – freshly-baked cakes and carbonara waffles

Phuket cafes - The Feelsion Cafe
Image credit: @pommkio

There’s a sprawling display of cakes at The Feelsion Cafe. Take your pick: they’ve got Coconut Cream Pie, Oreo Cake, Apple Crumble…the list goes on. It’s also worth trying their freshly-made waffles, especially the Carbonara Waffle since its creamy bacon sauce adds a savoury twist.

Phuket cafes - The Feelsion Cafe
Image credit: @thefeelsioncafe

But understandably so, some like their waffles conventional and will thoroughly enjoy the Apple Crumble Waffle or Mixed Berry Waffle. All waffles are priced at ฿169 (~USD5).

Phuket cafes - The Feelsion Cafe
Image credit:

Those looking for a hearty meal will be pleased to know that they’ve got a full-fledged menu with Thai dishes like Seafood Tom Yum with Rice (฿119, ~USD4) and Pad Thai with Prawns (฿149, ~USD5).

The Feelsion Cafe
Address: 445/1 Phuket Road, Old Phuket Town 83000, Thailand
Opening hours: 10:30AM-6PM Thursday – Tuesday (Closed on Wednesdays)
Telephone: +66 8 3181 9845
The Feelsion Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

4. ELLA Bar & Bistro – minimalist cafe at Patong Beach

Once you step into ELLA Bar & Bistro, you’ll be struck by how warehouse-like everything is, from the high ceilings to bare walls. While it’s one of the trendier aesthetics for cafes, it certainly stands out from the crowd – in other words, it’s not your average touristy Patong Beach bar.

Phuket cafes - ELLA Bar & Bistro

Its all-day breakfast menu is heavily filled with egg dishes like Eggs Norwegian (฿280, ~USD9), which comes with poached eggs and smoked salmon, all on top of a housemade bagel. The true test of a good brunch joint? How perfectly their eggs are poached. We gingerly sliced across the poached egg, and true enough, it split open to reveal an oozing yolk.

Phuket cafes - ELLA Bar & Bistro

They’re also known for their burgers, which come spilling over with ingredients. Their Classic Burger (฿280, ~USD9) is served with a beef patty alongside fresh tomatoes, red onions, and lettuce.

Phuket cafes - ELLA Bar & Bistro

It’s also worth trying their desserts, since they offer up sweet treats like Mango Sticky Rice and Apple Cinnamon Pancake (฿180, ~USD5).

Phuket cafes - The Feelsion Cafe

At the moment, this hip hotel is temporarily closed, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed to try their Eggs Norwegian sooner rather than later.

ELLA Bar & Bistro
Address: 100/19-20 Soi Permpongpattana, Patong, Phuket 83150, Thailand
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 7AM-11PM
Telephone: +66 8 9199 1663
ELLA Bar & Bistro Facebook

5. Bookhemian – read as you drink coffee

Phuket cafes - Bookhemian

The ideal life: sipping a freshly-brewed cup of Joe while reading a novel. At Bookhemian, you can do exactly that – they’ve got shelves of books, everything from paperbacks to coffee table books. But instead of sipping on an ordinary coffee, this joint offers special drinks like Bohemian Iced Coffee (฿85) which comes with a thick layer of gooey marshmallow cream.

Phuket cafes - Bookhemian

We ordered a Waffle with Honey (฿65, ~USD2). It sounds plain and simple, but we couldn’t fault it since it came with crisp edges and a perfectly fluffy texture. They also have other classic brunch dishes like Eggs Benedict (฿120, ~USD4) and a range of pasta dishes starting from ฿120 (~USD4).

Phuket cafes - The Feelsion Cafe

Feel free to flip through the books on display – granted, they’re mostly in Thai but you’ll stumble across an English book every now and then.

Address: 61 Thalang Road, Old Phuket Town 83000, Thailand
Opening hours: 9AM – 7PM Monday – Friday | 9AM – 8PM Saturday – Sunday
Telephone: +66 9 8090 0657
Bookhemian Facebook | Google Maps

6. We Cafe Phuket @ Chalong – fresh hydroponic salads

Phuket cafes - We Cafe Phuket @ ChalongImage credit: We Cafe Phuket

If your stomach’s feeling queasy from an overload of tom yum and seafood, head over to We Cafe Phuket @ Chalong to seek refuge. This cafe has a full-blown hydroponic farm in their backyard, and they’re well-known among the locals for their fresh veggies and salads.

Phuket cafes - We Cafe Phuket @ Chalong
Image credit: @lilyaprivet

You’ve got a choice of 7 lettuce bases: red batavia, cos, butterhead, red oak, green oak, red coral, and frillice iceberg. A serve starts from just ฿80 (~USD2) but you’ll also be paying for each topping, which ranges from ฿5 (~USD0.15) for vegetables to ฿50 (~USD1.50) for protein. Many will be stumped upon ordering – there’s a mighty choice of 31 toppings, with the likes of grilled salmon and smoked duck.

Phuket cafes - We Cafe Phuket @ ChalongImage credit: @phuketlife

Before you think it’s all just healthy greens here, they also offer up comfort food like Beef Lasagne (฿195, ~USD6) and Potato Wedges (฿55, ~USD1). Signature dishes like Tomato with Mozzarella Cheese (฿220, ~USD7) and Salmon Steak (฿345, ~USD11) are also on the menu.

We Cafe Phuket @ Chalong
Address: 5/30 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road, Old Town Phuket 83000, Thailand
Opening hours: 10AM – 9.30PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 8752 1352
We Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

7. The Tent – indoor tent dining

Phuket cafes - The TentImage credit: @carmenhoyw

The Tent has it all pegged out. They’ve got patterned tents that serve as cosy dining spots, each with a low coffee table and seat cushions. Those with back pains and knee problems, don’t worry, for they’ve got normal tables too.

Phuket cafes - The TentImage credit: @idiotforfood

While many come for the decor, it’s the Campfire S’mores (฿359, ~USD11) that caught our eye. It’s a full dessert set that’ll make you feel like you’re glamping out in the woods – with everything you need for a gooey marshmallow s’more, including a hot chocolate pot, graham crackers, and fresh fruits.

They also have a huge range of waffles, from the charcoal mango-laden CMC Waffle (฿195, ~USD6) to The Dream Catcher (฿145, ~USD4), a matcha green tea waffle with vanilla ice cream.

Phuket cafes - The TentImage credit: @bebaibai

If you need a break from Phuket’s slightly stifling seaside heat, go for The Tent’s googly-eyed Shaved Ice (from ฿119, ~USD4) which comes in flavours like Tropical Thai Tea and Ume Plum.

The Tent
Address: 16 Thepkasattri Road, Old Phuket Town 83000, Thailand
Opening hours: 7AM – 6PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 7 6217 775
The Tent Facebook | Google Maps

8. Chino@Cafe Gallery – fusion Thai food

Phuket cafes - Chino@Cafe Gallery

Chino@Cafe Gallery is one bright airy space with plenty of natural sunlight streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows. Unlike many of Phuket’s cafes, it’s a joint that mainly serves up Thai food, but they’ve got a few Western-inspired dishes too.

Phuket cafes - Chino@Cafe Gallery
Their alfresco dining area comes with rope swings.

Take their Spaghetti Green Curry Chicken (฿180, ~USD5.50); each strand comes evenly coated with green curry. As for Thai dishes, try their Pad Krapao Gai – slightly spicy Thai basil chicken over rice with a sunny side up.

Phuket cafes - Chino@Cafe Gallery

There’s also a small retail corner in the cafe, where you can pick up handcrafted goods like tie-dye shirts and antique cameras.

Chino@Cafe’ Gallery
Address: 4 Thalang Road, Old Town Phuket 83000, Thailand
Opening hours: 9AM – 7PM, Daily
Telephone: +66  8 1979 6190
China@Cafe’ @ Gallery Facebook | Google Maps

Brunch spots in Phuket

Lazy days are all about soaking up the sunshine on Phuket’s many beaches, but when your stomach’s growling, there’s also a solid choice of cafes. Whether it’s in historic Old Town Phuket or touristy Patong Beach, you’re sure to find a cafe to while away the afternoon – with an iced latte in hand, of course.

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