North-eastern street food in Bangkok

street food in Bangkok

Aside from office buildings that are springing up like mushrooms here, Silom is also the place where locals flock to for authentic street food. 

Phichit Bangthong is a small BBQ street cart that’s one of the most popular stalls in the area with the locals. With a crazy selection of meats and veggies and 9 dipping sauces to pick from, we can see why this place is so loved. Plus, it’s open from afternoon all the way till midnight, making it a good spot for some supper snacks

Large variety of skewers to pick from

street food in Bangkok
Skewers start from just ฿10

We were completely spoilt for choice when we visited the stall. There’s lots to pick from, ranging from normal skewer meats like pork and chicken to more exotic options like catfish, gizzard, and chitterlings.

street food in Bangkok

We went with some classic options: Big Chicken Drumstick (฿15), Grilled Chicken (฿10), and Grilled Pork (฿10). We also tried Pig Ears (฿15) and Chicken Heart (฿10).

With just 2 packets of sticky rice to go along with our skewers, we found ourselves with a tummy-filling meal at a super affordable price.

As a local, I can say that the food here lives up to the hype and tastes really good. The meat is well cooked and tender, and went really well with the sauces we chose. Plus, we got to try some dips we’ve never found anywhere else!

street food in Bangkok
The dips enhance the flavour of the meat very well

Our favourite part of it was how worth it the skewers are. It’s inexpensive and makes for a satisfying meal. We got to speak to some regular customers while here and they shared the same sentiments too. 

street food in Bangkok

“It’s great we have street food stores around. I don’t have much income, so I can’t afford expensive food. I come here often as it’s cheap and the food is delicious,” said one customer. 

9 types of dipping sauces

street food in Bangkok

The highlight of Phichit Bangthong is definitely their dipping sauce spread. There are 9 sauces made with all sorts of ingredients and flavours.

For those who have no idea where to begin, we recommend going with the basics:

  • Sweet and Sour Sauce – for those who don’t like heat
  • Sour and Spicy Sauce – a basic spicy sauce
  • Nam Phrik Num – northern-style spicy paste, best with fresh veggies

Once you’re ready to level up, try these:

  • Nam Phrik Mang Da – shrimp paste made with giant water bugs (yup!)
  • Nam Phrik Pla Ra Sab – fermented fish 
  • Nam Phrik Pla Ra Todd – fried fermented fish
  • Nam Phrik Sub Ma-Kue – eggplant paste
  • Nam Phrik Pla Jhom – fish fermented in salt
  • Nam Phrik Kapi – shrimp paste

street food in Bangkok

The stall also offers sticky rice and fresh veggies like cucumber and lettuce to go along with the skewers. The best part? It’s all for free! Have these ready to munch on – they’ll help cut the greasiness and spiciness of the skewers.

Cheap and good food at Phichit Bangthong

street food in Bangkok

If you’re looking for a taste of some authentic street-style BBQ, Phichit Bangthong at Silom is where to go. It’s open till midnight, so you can drop by anytime you want. Note that the stall never sleeps till it’s closed, so do get ready to wait in line for a seat.

Phichit Bangthong
Address: Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Soi 1, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok (opposite Kuay Tiew Rue Ayothaya)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 2:30PM-1:30AM, Sat-Sun: 12:30PM-1:30AM
Nearest Train Station: BTS Saladeang, BTS Chongnonsi
Telephone: +66 87 496 8556

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