Coffin Washes Up On Rice Field, Travelled Overnight To Petchabun After A Flood

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Petchabun flooding brings a stray coffin to a rice field

Last weekend, multiple provinces in Thailand experienced flash flooding.

While we’ve all heard stories of strange things turning up in weird places after a flood, this small village in Petchabun has a tale that’ll top all of ours.

Read on for what this small community found in the aftermath of heavy rains, as well as how they handled the rather grave situation.

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Coffin washes up in a rice field

A coffin washed up in a rice field in the Northern Thai province, Petchabun, on 26th September 2021, according to Thairat.

petchabun-flooding-coffinImage credit: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

Images of a coffin with an intricate ruby and gold design – complete with a red drape – sitting in the middle of a rice field were uploaded on Mr. Amnat Puakoksoong’s Facebook page.

petchabun-flooding-coffinImage credit: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

Mr. Puakoksoong captioned his post, “I found it. An insulated coffin brought over via floodwater in the middle of my rice field. I’m waiting for authorities to come and take it back to where it belongs.”

petchabun-flooding-coffinThe coffin couldn’t have come from anywhere nearby. 
Image credit: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

It’s believed that the coffin travelled approximately 5-6KM overnight from the nearest temple, as written by Sanook. Furthermore, it should be noted that the coffin was empty.

While we know how we’d react if we woke up to a stray coffin in our backyard, here’s what other social media users are saying about the situation.

Netizens react to travelling coffin in Petchabun

In just over 24 hours, Mr. Puakoksoong’s post has been shared 55 times and has even made it onto the pages of other media in Thailand.

Let’s see what other social media users have to say about this.

One commenter noted the hilarious-yet-obvious point in this story.

Screenshot: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

Translation: It’s a coffin, not a boat! How’d it get so far? 

We’re really all wondering the same thing, aren’t we? However, another netizen had already gone the extra mile, and remembered that strange objects in strange places are a good omen – in lottery terms.

Screenshot: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

Translation: Check lottery numbers. Are there any that match those on the coffin? If there aren’t, that’s fine too. 

The contrast between the two comments’ concerns show that we all focus in on different aspects of a story.

Lastly, this comment gives us some closure about the coffin’s travels.

Screenshot: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

Translation: On behalf of the temple, we’re delighted to inform you that the coffin has been examined, and is now safe and sound after the incident. 

Strange finds in strange times

While we’ve technically been living in “unprecedented times” for the past year and a half, it’s still rather unexpected to see a coffin wash up in the middle of a rice field.

We hope that everyone involved finds peace amidst the incident, and that community members receive assistance in facing future floods.

Cover image adapted from: อํานาจ เผือกโคกสูง

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