Pee Neung Coffee House 

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Images adapted from: Cafe Story, Chillpainai, and Homedeedee

Spacious coffeehouses in Bangkok are far and few between ones with customers packed like a can of sardines. We need one with elbow room and a peaceful garden to get away from the bustling city.

The Pee Neung Coffee House in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom province is located near the Mahidol University’s Salaya campus. The cafe’s name means “first year” because the owner wanted to open a cafe with a relaxing atmosphere but had no prior experience but also a nod to university freshmen year.

But from a glance, the cafe is anything but amateurish with its location and modern loft style.

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Spacious interior with cosy loft seating

The cafe offers different types of spaces for working and hanging out.

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The standard cafe seating is roomy and gives a lot of space between your group and others for more privacy that’s great for co-working.

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Cafe Story

There is a bean bag section on the second floor of the cafe for casual hangouts.

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Get some peace of mind For those who like an open-air working space, you can sit in cushions next to a pond by the garden. Get some peace of mind from the sounds of the koi fish pond and fresh air. 

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Located at the end of the garden is the cafe’s highlight – a stationary train car perfect for a photo spot.

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Cafe Story

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But if you look inside the train, you will notice that it’s been converted into co-working space. It’s perfect for when you want to beat rush hour while taking it easy.

Mouth-watering menu choices

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Pee Neung’s menu has Thai, western, and also fusion food to satisfy whatever your craving.

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Cafe Story

The cafe highly recommends the pork hamburger. The patty is made from pork hips and shoulder selected by the chef.

GreenhouseCafe choochee
choo chee
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For something lighter and healthier, there is the Tuna-Green Tea Salad and the Thai Pomelo Salad.

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Down your meals with a hot latte served on a tree stump with a scone on the side.

For something cooler, try the aptly-named Tequila Sunrise mocktail with its layers of yellow and red like a dawning sun.

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Image credit: PEE NEUNG Coffee House Salaya

Pair either choice with the Rainbow Cheescake.

If you are looking for greener working spaces, try Pee Neun Coffee House in Salaya.

Pee Neung Coffee House
Address: Moo at 5 78/98 Salaya, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 094 682 1333

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