Free food for people affected by COVID-19

Thai Citizens Join Campaign Pay-It-Forward Meals for othersImages adapted from: Milk Phochaisarn

In order to spread help and support to more people, Thai citizens have come together to join the campaign #แบ่งปันความอิ่ม (Bang Pan Kwarm Aim). This campaign allows anyone to buy a free meal for someone else who might be struggling during COVID-19. 

The project started in Bangkok and has inspired others to join in from all around the country.

As little as ฿20 can help too

There are lots of people offering free food and essentials for those affected by COVID-19. However, many members of the public who are going through difficult times might not always have access to such support.

Thai people and local stores join Pay-It-Forward Meals for others

Translation: Share it if you want to join in! We want everyone who is having a hard time right now to [still] have food to eat, do we’ve decided to launch the campaign #แบ่งปันความอิ่ม.

Just pay for food in advance at local stores nearby to share free food with people in trouble. When losing a job and [not having] income during this time, getting a good meal is invaluable. It’s suffering to be hungry and starved.

Miss Milk Phochaisarn together with her other friends decided to come together for this project to support underprivileged people with a free meal – #แบ่งปันความอิ่ม (Bang Pan Kwarm Aim), which translates roughly to “share the moment of feeling full”.

People can pay it forward

So how does it work? 

The friends started among themselves and gathered some money for a budget. After they shared it on Facebook, more donors allowed them to buy over 200 plates of food within 2 days.

The meals start from ฿20 – ฿40, depending on the restaurants. The group went on to collaborate with local restaurants by giving them their donations and asking them to provide free meals for anyone who might need it.

Thais join a campaign to give free food for others
The coupons with the price indicated for people to claim free meals
Image credit: Milk Phochaisarn

Using a coupon system, anyone who wants a meal can use it to claim it from the respective restaurants.

free food for people affected by COVID-19 in Thailand
Image credit: Milk Phochaisarn

After a successful run in their local area, they’re asking others to join in and spread the joy in other locations too.

Thai Citizens Join Pay-It-Forward Meals Giving Free Food For Others
Coupons are available at local restaurants who join the project
Image credit: Milk Phochaisarn

It’s simple – all you need to do is collaborate with restaurants in your area, give them your donations, and allow them to use the coupon system so that those in need can claim free meals.

Besides supporting underprivileged folks, this initiative is a great way to help local food stalls get some business in a time where people are hardly heading out.

Thai Citizens Join Pay-It-Forward Meals Giving Free Food For OthersImage credit: Milk Phochaisarn

Some store owners are also kind and have even given them further discounts and have been willing to provide free meals without taking any donations.

This campaign shows that one doesn’t need to have millions of dollars to make a difference – the smallest amount and a big heart can help too.

They already spread their projects for some spots in Bangkok, and hope other people to carry on this campaign in other provinces all around the country. 

Great job Miss Milk and friends for starting this awesome project! We hope others can use this as a way to spread awareness to restaurants in their own communities too.

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