COVID-19’s economic effects

People So Affected By COVID-19
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Working from home might make you feel trapped and inactive, but it’s good enough to have a job during this dark time. Various people have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic – local sellers without customers for months, taxi drivers not finding any passengers, and someone even wanted to be jailed in order to get food.  

A local in Chiang Mai brought a mortar and pestle set to pawn shop just for ฿200. It might not seem like much to many of us, but an amount like this can bring hope to some – proving that the virus is affecting people in ways we never imagined in the beginning. 

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Pawn shop prepared to support people during COVID-19 

Thais put a mortar to a pawn due to COVID-19 effectImage credit: Thairath

Decha Panyawutthiphat, the manager of a pawn shop in Pa Dad district of Chiang Mai, revealed to PPTV HD that there have been many people from different occupations bringing their possessions to pawn here. 

Thais put a mortar to a pawn due to COVID-19 effectImage credit: Thairath

The items people bring in range from valuable possessions to electronic devices like rice cookers and blenders – one person even brought in their a mortar and pestle to get only ฿200. 

The pawn shop understood the condition and economic crisis that people are facing at this time, so they’re trying to accept and offer money for people despite whatever they bring in for an exchange. 

People So Affected By COVID-19
Image credit: Khaosod

The pawn shop is now launching a support initiative by decreasing the amount of interest, along with extending the redemption period for those who bring in their items from 1st April 2020 to 30th June 2020.

The municipality office in the area has also prepared around ฿25 million to support people in need during the pandemic. 

We can also play our part by taking care of ourselves and family members, staying at home, and following each measure strictly in order for this crisis to disappear as soon as possible. 

Be strong, everyone. We hope to get through this very soon. 

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