Covid-19 treatments in Thailand

The Thai Government has been rapidly imposing new regulations to treat those who are infected by Covid-19. The most recent and talked about step is continuous expansion field hospitals, where all citizens who have tested positive for Covid-19 are mandated to quarantine and receive treatment. 

On 21st April 2021, Mr. Sathit Pitutecha, the Deputy Minister from the Public Health Ministry, suggested that the government take legal action against infected persons who go against the instruction. 

Recent Covid-19 updates:

Symptoms must be monitored closely

The deputy minister shares that due to the unpredictable nature of Covid-19 and the rapid progression in its symptoms’ severity, infected patients should be closely monitored by healthcare professionals. 

Thai Govt To Take Legal Action Against Covid-19 Patients Who Refused Treatment In Field HospitalsImage credit: @chalinee.thirasupa via Reuters

Thus, the Ministry of Public Health has asked that every patient who has presented a Covid-19 test be cared for at one of the field hospitals, shared Bangkok Post

However, there have been cases where individuals have refused to receive treatment at one of Thailand’s field hospitals, with 74 of them citing “inconvenience” as the rationale behind their decisions. 

The potential public health risks from an infected person treating coronavirus outside of a secure medical facility seem to be the cause behind the government official’s suggestion to pursue legal action against those who opt to heal from the virus at home. 

Favipiravir medication in stock

Thailand has been using an antiviral, Favipiravir, to treat Covid-19 patients since last year. Yesterday, Public Health Minister Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul assured the public that the Public Health Ministry has been stocking up 500,000 to 1,000,000 doses of the medication, reported Thai News PRD.

Monitor your symptoms 

The situation has been rather drastic, so we’re required to monitor our symptoms all the time. We may be staying at home and keeping a distance from the public, but the past two years have shown that literally anything can happen. 

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