Korean drama love story in real life

True Love Chiang Mai Accident

Images adapted from: นางฟ้าซาลอน

True love miraculously curing everything under the sun might only exist in classic Disney films or K-dramas, but it sure brought happened to this real-life couple. 

On 23rd August 2019, นางฟ้าซาลอน shared a story about Aueng, a woman from Chiang Mai who had gotten into a near-fatal motorcycle accident on Christmas Eve 2015. This left her with spinal and nerve damage, which took away her ability to walk.

True Love Chiang Mai Accident

Image credit: นางฟ้าซาลอน

Because of this, Aueng had to stay hospitalised for almost 18 months.

For the first 9 months, Aueng couldn’t use her phone so she didn’t notify all her friends on Facebook, including Mr. Narawoot Pongyen, about the accident.

Little did she know that Mr. Narawoot secretly had a crush on her even before she got into her accident – but he couldn’t express his feelings as she had a boyfriend then.  

Mr. Narawoot stepped in after her boyfriend left

Into her 9th month of recovery, Aueng started to use social media again and she got to tell Mr. Narawoot about what happened.

When he rushed to see her at the hospital, Mr. Narawoot realised that Aueng had also just broken up with her boyfriend after he learned that she couldn’t walk anymore. The 2 started talking more often after this. 

He revealed that he felt sorry for Aueng, so he started to visit her regularly and even stayed over at the hospital to look after her when he could. 

True Love Chiang Mai Accident

Image adapted from: นางฟ้าซาลอน

They’ve been together for 3 years

When Aueng got out of the hospital, the couple moved into Aueng’s house. They now live in Mr. Narawoot’s house in another district.

Until today, Mr. Narawoot has been taking care of Aueng while working as a part-time labourer around his district. He doesn’t want to go too far from Aueng because he knows she will always be in need of help.

He also hopes that if one day Aueng gets better one day, he’d love to officially marry her.

True Love Chiang Mai Accident

Images adapted from: นางฟ้าซาลอน

Aueng also works as a graphic designer

Aueng might not be able to walk, but she’s putting her computer graphic skills to use and helps Mr. Narawoot bring some dough in.   

True Love Chiang Mai Accident

Some of Aueng’s work.
Images adapted from: AuengShopDesign

People often send in their portrait pictures or selfies and ask her to turn them into super cute cartoon drawings. Her rates are dependent on the level of difficulty. You can directly contact Aueng for more details at her page AuengShopDesign

Netizens show support for the lovely couple

Khaosod revealed that ever since the post was shared, many netizens poured in their support by donating money and sending medical care products like cotton, rubbing alcohol, and adult diapers to their house. The donation fund has also passed ฿20,000.  

Both Aueng and Mr. Narawoot are very grateful for all the help they’ve received. 

You can also help these lovebirds by contacting Aueng’s Facebook page to see how you can donate money or medical care products.