Pad Thai “soup” goes viral

Veganism has been a top trend globally. While it does have its perks – saving animal lives and promoting sustainable consumption – there are those who give the diet a bad name.

On the other hand, big F&B companies are catering to those who abide by the diet by adapting well-loved non-vegan dishes into vegan-friendly menus.

Recently, an American company released a new special: instant vegan Pad Thai broth. This new product has many netizens craning their necks in awe and wonder.

Let’s explore why Vegan Pad Thai soup is causing such a commotion.

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Vegan Pad Thai soup raises eyebrows among internet users 

On 3rd August 2021, Vegan Pad Thai flavoured instant noodles were introduced by American F&B company, Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods. Pictures of the new menu item quickly circulated among netizens, who immediately noticed one small fallacy: Pad Thai literally translates to “Thai Stir-Fry”. 

The company’s latest invention has netizens questioning how Thailand’s iconic stir-fried noodle dish can be packaged into soup. Facebook user, Peerapat Ouysook recently shared a picture of the item, which has received over 3K shares on the platform at the time of writing.

Screenshot: Peerapat Ouysook

Just like OP, users have their questions about the new instant noodle option. 

Screenshot: Peerapat Ouysook

Screenshot: Peerapat Ouysook

Translation: If it’s a soup, how can it be stir-fried? 

Screenshot: Peerapat Ouysook

Translation: Boil, stir-fry, deep-fried. It’s all in one taste and delicious.

Some even say that medical professional’s name in the brand makes this product more legit.

Screenshot: Reddit

Vegan Pad Thai noodle soup is gluten-free 

In addition to being vegan, this 59 ML cup of instant soup is gluten-free. You can get six of these instant noodle cups on Right Foods for ฿561 (~USD17).

For those who are looking for a quick meal, you it’s quite convenient – you can just add hot water directly into the cup.

Image credit: Peerapat Ouysook

However, it’s also quite convenient to order a plate of Pad Thai on a delivery platform that’ll cost about the same amount as one of these instant cups.

What is your best Pad Thai recipe?

Whilst Pad Thai is known worldwide as one of Thailand’s “classic” dishes, it’s also been adapted hundreds of times. From being transformed vegan soup to having giant lobsters added as a topping, it’s a dish that’s able to suit the taste buds of many.

Do you have a favourite iteration of Pad Thai? What was in it?

Cover image adapted from: Peerapat Ouysook (Left)

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