Pizza Hut has built-in ouija boards in pizza boxes

One of the best things during childhood is definitely those cereal boxes that come with games like snakes and ladders to entertain you while having your breakfast. Good old days.

Now flash forward to today, and Pizza Hut is offering something as cool. They have a new food set delivered in a box with a built-in ouija board for us to play a game or two while munching on pizza and chicken.

Here’s what is included in the new food set.

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Pizza Hut has food delivered in an ouija box

Latest on Pizza Hut‘s promotional menu is a food set called the “Triple Wow Box”, which is served in a box with built-in ouija board game where diners can actually eat whilst communicating with spirits. It’s only at ฿1,174 (~USD37) per set.

The set offers two medium pizzas, one pasta dish, six chicken wings, eight cheesy pops, and garlic bread.
Image credit: Muum Maam

The interactive ouija pizza box is available from today until 31st December 2021 in all provinces around Thailand.

Comes with a planchette piece and detailed game instructions

The pizza box doesn’t only come with an ouija board on top, but a detachable planchette piece to complete the experience.

A pizza-shaped planchette
Image credit: Muum Maam

Just like an actual board game, instructions are written on the side of the box with a set of example questions to give patrons an idea on what to ask the spirits during the game.

Potential questions to ask during the game
Image credit: Muum Maam

The cutouts include saucy questions like “Is my crush single?” and even one that asks for a lucky lotto number.

Order one for a free game board

Board games are definitely one of the best activities to enjoy with your family and friends, but why spend on them when you can get one ouija board for free from Pizza Hut, plus three trays of delicious sides.

So, pick up your phone and order for one now to start your week off with a little bit of fun.

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