New Coca-Cola flavour in Thailand

Orange Coca-ColaImages adapted from: Art Indy Endless and @izam23

Coca-Cola is one of the most well-loved soft drinks of all time for people all over the world, and its fans are always looking forward to trying its new concoctions. 

Big news! This is the first time in over 10 years that the soft drink brand has launched a new flavour. 

Orange Coke is here in Thailand 

The most recent flavours before this new were vanilla in 2007 and cherry coke in 1985. In the USA. there was a vanilla orange-flavour to try in February

Orange Coca-Cola
Image credit:
Art Indy Endless

Now, it’s time for Thais to try their new products – this orange Coke is available in zero sugar version only. 

For anyone curious about its taste, the opinions have been split for now, with many people liking it and others there are some opinions. 

Orange coke in Thailand

Translation: I found the new orange coke at ฿28. We tried and thought that it tastes like the original flavour with an orange-y note like a vitamin C tablet. It’s not as fizzy as the regular one. You should try it yourself. 

Orange coke in Thailand

Anyway, there is nothing better than trying it yourself. Head to your nearest convenience store to give it a try. 

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