Thailand’s online swimming lesson

Since Covid-19 hit, Work From Home (WFH) has been used by many organisations worldwide, including schools and universities in Thailand. While there are obvious limitations when working and learning from home, a Thai university teacher’s online swimming classes proved that impossibility was only a mindset.

Yes, an actual online swimming class

Online Swimming Class Thailand
Image credit: Facebook

Mr. Sarawut Poka, a swimming teacher from Ubon Ratchathani University, posted several screenshots of his online swimming lesson on Facebook. The image contained several students in their swimsuits, practising swimming in their bedroom at home.

According to Channel 3 News, the teacher explained that the online class is only for theoretical practice. Mr.Poka also confirmed that actual swimming lessons in a real swimming pool would follow after Covid-19 situation settles down.

Online class pros and cons

One obvious con of an online swimming class is the inability to swim in an actual swimming pool. Mr. Poka’s students’ attentiveness has offset that –  The teacher explained that his students would put on their swimming suits and enjoyably dry-swim on their bed.

However, Mr. Poka also faced a classic challenge of an online classroom: the non-participative students. According to the teacher, some students wouldn’t engage, zone out or would simply turn off their webcam. 

An optimistic teacher

Sarawut Poka Teacher Online Swimming Class Thailand
Mr Sarawut Poka, the swim teacher.
Image credit: Facebook

The teacher is still content to keep teaching as he really wanted the students to improve their swimming technique. He also confirmed that the class would continue online if the Covid-19 situation doesn’t improve.

“We cannot let Covid-19 interfere with education,” he posted on Facebook. “We shall go through this together.”

As of now, the swimming class will continue online for the time being. While Covid-19 is still in effect, more creative classes might even show up. Who knows that one day we might be getting an online diving class. We’ll have to wait and see.

Featured image adapted from: Facebook

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