ONE Championship 11.11 sale

Designer activewear has become just as much of a haute clothing item as a high-end purse over the past ten years. 

For those who are looking to broaden their athleisure wardrobe without spending a pretty penny, ONE Championship is having an 11.11 promotion with up to 33% off storewide from 11th – 14th November 2021. 

We’d recommend starting early, though, as shoppers receive an extra 5% discount storewide on their entire purchase on 11th November 2021 only.

Items on sale include staples like performance shorts, cropped tops, hoodies and even ONE’s coveted Bruce Lee collection. 

Here’s what to look forward to on 11th November 2021 with ONE Championship. 

Places in Thailand you can show off your new looks: 

Up to 33% off Bruce Lee & performance wear

The Bruce Lee collection is ONE Championship’s best-selling set of items, and we can see why. 

From the iconic black and yellow pullover and jogger pants to varsity jackets, this Bruce Lee collection seamlessly synergises fashion with popular culture

one-championship-shopImage credit: ONE Shop

Take the Bruce Lee Kimono Jacket (฿3,207,~USD97) for example. The piece combines the elements of a traditional kimono with modern street wear, made breathable and functional with front pockets.

For those looking for a more conventional-yet-unique piece, we’d recommend the Bruce Lee Dragon Varsity Jacket (฿4,210,~USD127)

Note the intricate piece of embroidery on the back. It’s not only a pretty picture of a dragon, but also an emblem symbolising Jeet Kune Do, a type of martial art.

one-championship-bruce-leeImage credit: ONE Shop

This pair of Bruce Lee “The Dragon” Shorts (฿1,228,~USD37) also caught our eyes. These sport shorts will ensure you’re not only comfortable while kicking ass at the gym, but that you look good doing it.

bruce-lee-shortsImage credit: @oneshop

Bruce Lee and ONE Championship fans alike can get a sweet ~33% discount on these items.

The Bruce Lee collection is typically the bestseller, but ONE is also a ONE-stop shop for athleisure and training staples.

Athleisure gear, ONE T-shirts & hoodies

The whole idea behind athleisure is to look active, but low-key active. Thankfully, ONE’s Essentials line is brimming with items that meet this description. 

one-shop-athleisurePretty sure we’ve seen people wear this exact outfit every time we go to the airport.
Image credit: ONE Shop

This ONE Black Logo Zip Hoodie (฿1,504,~USD46) and ONE Logo Jogger (฿1,704,~USD52) ensemble can either say, “I’m just heading out for some coffee” or “I’m going to play tennis”. 

Both pieces are made of 100% cotton, so rest assured you’ll be comfortable either way. 

If it’s a little too warm for joggers, these Logo Jogger Shorts (฿1,203,~USD36) that look like something a K-Pop artist would wear to dance practice are definitely fit for summer.

one-championship-shopImage credit: ONE Shop

Besides ONE’s athleisure series and their limited-edition Bruce Lee collections, there are also ONE-branded logo T-shirts and custom hoodies to represent different martial arts. 

Muay Thai T-shirts & apparel

ONE Championship’s products are created with martial artists in mind. They have specialised clothing for sports like: Jiu Jitsu, MMA and of course, Muay Thai. 

muay-thai-topImage credit: ONE Shop

The Muay Thai silver Typography Cropped Tee (฿877,~USD27) is a loose-fit top that has “Muay Thai” typed across the chest in silver. This tee works for either your next photoshoot at the Camp Davis Starbucks, or Muay Thai class afterwards.

They also have shorts that are especially made for you to fight in. 

boxing-shortsImage credit: ONE Shop

The ONE X Venum Impact Fightshorts (฿2,631,~USD80) were crafted especially for fighters. 

For maximum flexibility, these shorts feature slits on either side with a self-grip closure system so you don’t have to worry about that waistband going anywhere, even when doing the highest of kicks.

One Championship’s 11th-14th November Sale

When athleisure was first popularised in the early 2010s, fashion authorities expected the trend to die down sooner or later.

Well, here we are 10 years later with society embracing athleisure in full-swing.

This 11.11 season, stock up on some athleisure staples at ONE.Shop from 11th – 14th November 2021. An additional 5% off all purchases on 11th November 2021 awaits all shoppers.

Those who spend ฿3,449 (~USD104) will also receive 33% off their entire carts during this period. 

Of course, if you’d like to cart out some statement pieces, or regular activewear, we’d recommend starting early and browsing the store in advance.

Score exclusive merch via ONE SHOP’s 11.11 sale now

This post was brought to you by ONE Championship.

Cover images adapted from: ONE Shop

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