Oldest COVID-19 survivor still going strong

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Images adapted from: The Times and Telemetro

People typically think the young and elderly are most at risk of illnesses, but sometimes age is just a number.

An elderly woman from Catalonia, Spain, recently recovered from the novel coronavirus, but being 113 years old is nothing to scoff at, let alone surviving the virus. 

She was isolated in her care home

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Maria compliments the staff who looked after her during isolation
Image credit: Telemetro

Maria Branyas, a centenarian living in Spain, was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in March and isolated for weeks in her own care home in Olot, Girona.

Despite the diagnosis, she showed mild symptoms and was reportedly bored during her isolation. 

She fully recovered from the virus and allowed visitors again

OldCov birthdayImage credit: Catalan News

After weeks of isolation, Mrs. Branyas made a full recovery from the coronavirus.

OldCov cakeImage credit: The Times

She recently celebrated her 113th birthday on 4th March. She told Catalan News that being healthy was her secret to a long life.

She’s survived an epidemic before

OldCov Maria at 3Maria (dressed in white) with her family in New Orleans, 1911
Image credit: VilaWeb

Mrs. Branyas was around eleven when the Spanish Flu (1918-1920) epidemic happened, infecting one-third of the world and killing at least 50 million.

OldCov Spanish flu
Contrary to its name, the Spanish Flu did not originate from Spain
Image credit: Wikipedia

Like her fellow centenarians, Mrs. Branyas overcame every huge obstacle life threw at her, from wars to epidemics, and lives to a ripe old age of 113.

It goes to show that even the elderly can still stay strong despite advancing age.

Caring for our elders 

Mrs. Branyas has lived a long life, being the mother of three and now with dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She wants to remind people not to forget the sacrifices elders made to give us the future we have today.

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