72-year-old man proposes to 82-year-old woman

Commonly, we propose to our beloved ones at a young age with the hope to get married early in life as it’s what people in society have traditionally done for a long time. But that’s not the case for this lovely couple in Phetchabun, Thailand because they held a proposal ceremony even in their golden years.

Here’s a story about how the 72-year-old man ended up proposing to his girlfriend, a 83-year-old woman, after seeing each other for 10 days, and why netizens can’t get enough of the love story.

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72-year-old man proposes to his girlfriend in Phetchabun

Image credit: Sanook

On 11th June, 2022, A 72-year-old man reportedly proposed to his 82-year-old girlfriend after they had been seeing each other for 10 days. The proposal ceremony was held among their relatives at the woman’s own house in Phetchabun, Thailand, according to AmarinTV.

Image credit: Amarintv

Apparently, the groom-to-be only had one motorcycle and did not bring any dowry to the ceremony. However, he declared that he’s been 100% in love with her from the first time they’d met.

He was also confident that he would be able to take care of her forever, according to news.ch7.

Love is always beautiful, regardless of age

While most people would stick to society’s norms when it comes to settling down early in life, or finding a  life partner before turning a specific age,  we honestly think that age is just a number when it comes to the right time to marry.

We sincerely wish the couple all the best in finding true love, and are happy that they’ve found love late in life. Because love is always beautiful, regardless of age.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Sanook

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