Nomisuke Ramen: Japanese Cafe In Bang Saen With A Beachside Bar & Kirin Vending Machine

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Nomisuke Ramen in Bang Saen

Japan used to be a but a six-hour flight away from Thailand, making it an ideal getaway destination for residents.

Given the current situation, it’s been more difficult to make our way over to the island nation. However, Nomisuke Ramen, a beachside bistro in Bang Saen, managed to bring a little piece of Japan over to Thailand.

Read on to learn more about this cafe.

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Nomisuke Ramen brings an Okinawa boardwalk to Thailand

Nomisuke Ramen is a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Bang Saen, a beach town in the Chonburi province that’s about a two-hour drive from Bangkok.

However, visitors may find it hard to believe that they’re still in Thailand upon arriving at the establishment as it bears an uncanny resemblance to Japan.

nomisuke-matcha-bang-saenImage credit: m_rattanaphan

You’ll first notice that all the signage is written in Japanese. Just take a look at the road signs, the crosswalk, the traffic lights, the posters, the restaurant awning and even the bench.

nomisuke-ramenImage credit: @kin.tee.nhai

The restaurant has a large blue and white sign that’s made in the style of the Japan Railway station markers right in the centre.

To the left of the train station-esque sign is a Kirin vending machine and a navy blue recycling bin – those who have been to Japan will know that these items are ubiquitous – as well as a ramen bar.

japanese-cafe-thailandImage credit: @kin.tee.nhai

The bar area reminds us of a Japanese izakaya: menu items are written vertically on wooden plaques that hang behind the bar and the joint is completely decorated with dark wood furniture.

beachside-japanese-restaurant-thailandImage credit: @kanorcups

On the left side of the bar area is a takeaway window that, of course, has signs written in Japanese.

Different pockets of Japan in Bang Saen

For those who aren’t keen on sitting at the bar or taking their food to-go, there’s also a seating area on the other side of the “street”.

japan-town-thailandImage credit: @oovanoo

In this section, the tables and stools are lower, making it easier for those who are a little shorter – like this writer – to sit down.

nomisuke-ramenImage credit: @jicksawonly

Across the road – the actual road this time – from the restaurant is a stall that’s located right on the beach.

nomisuke-ramen-beachImage credit: Nomisuke Ramen – のみすけ ラーメン

Unsurprisingly, the stall is decked out in Japanese signage. Here, visitors can bask in the sea air as well as the warm lighting emitted from the Japanese lanterns on either side of the stall.

beachside-restaurant-thailandImage credit: Nomisuke Ramen – のみすけ ラーメン

What to get at this beachside Japanese restaurant

The restaurant just opened its doors on 5th October 2021.

taiyaki-thailandImage credit: @mochi.mmochi

At the moment, the bistro is only serving taiyaki – a cake made in the shape of a fish that’s typically filled with red-bean or custard – and green tea.

nomisuke-matchaImage credit: @aomjaithailandd

However, as the name states, the restaurant plans to serve ramen.

nomisuke-ramenImage credit: Nomisuke Ramen – のみすけ ラーメン

Their menu will also consist of the the ramen restaurant staple, gyoza.

beachside-gyoza-thailandImage credit: Nomisuke Ramen – のみすけ ラーメン

Take a 2-hour trip to “Japan”

It’s been a while since we could travel overseas. For many residents in Thailand, Japan is on the top of their list of places to head over to once the situation improves.

We get it. We’ve also been itching to navigate through the narrow streets to find the best ramen restaurant where we can order through a vending machine.

Fortunately, though, Nomisuke Ramen offers a little taste of the much-beloved travel destination for now.

Nomisuke Ramen – のみすけ ラーメン
Address: Bangsaen Sai 1, Saen Suk, Chon Buri District, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20130
Opening Hours: 9AM – 5PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 4561 6770
Nomisuke Ramen website

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Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @oovanoo, Nomisuke Ramen – のみすけ ラーメン, @kin.tee.nhai

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