Social distancing blind spot

Social Distancing
Images adapted from:
Suriyatham Wongsawat, @punky_catster

Social distancing is one of the basic preventive measures that the government has taken to avoid the transmission of COVID-19. However, this has led to quite the opposite scenario in the bustling city of Bangkok because of people following the “no seat” rule a little too well.

Missing the point of no seat zones

Social Distancing
Image credit: @punky_catster

Earlier this week, public transport systems like trains and buses implemented mandatory “no seat zones” to promote social distancing when out in public. 

However, many were left surprised after realising that why this measure is meant to be helpful, it wasn’t working as well as expected.

Social Distancing
Image credit: @punky_catster

On 1st April, photos of crowded boats and buses in Bangkok were shared on social media, showing the situation people were in. Due to the “no seat zones” leaving limited space for people to occupy, people ended up squeezing together in order to fit into the vehicles – like these passengers on a boat at Saen Saeb Canal.

Social Distancing
Image credit: Suriyatham Wongsawat

The same was seen on a local bus, with people cramming the aisles, closer to each other than ever before.

Looks like people are following the “no seat rule” a little too well – but let’s be responsible when heading out. Avoid getting on public transport so that those standing can remain a safe distance from each other too. 

And as much as possible, stay at home, or wear a mask and keep hand sanitiser handy if you do need to head out.

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