Nissin Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen

Nissin Tonkotsu Instant NoodlesImages adapted from: ปันโปร – Punpromotion

7-11 Thailand always has surprising items that you might not expect to find at a convenience store, like Durian Sticky Rice, Mala Pork Dumplings, Pork Slices With Thai Suki Dip, and many more. 

This time, instant noodles fans can level up your game with Nissin Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen that comes with a real piece of chashu pork at only ฿36 (~USD1).

Chashu pork topping 

Nissin Tonkotsu Instant NoodlesImage credit: ปันโปร – Punpromotion

Nissin Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen is a new instant noodle bowl available only at 7-11. 

What you can expect here are soft and springy noodles that come with a creamy pork soup, that has a rich scent of garlic oil. 

Nissin Tonkotsu Instant Noodles
Images adapted from:
ปันโปร – Punpromotion

The chewy slice of chashu pork is what makes the cup special. Though it’s just one piece, the pork is sizable and juicy – just as you’d find at a restaurant. Don’t hesitate to buy some 7-11 toppings to make your bowl more special, pork slices and soft-boiled eggs are great choices. 

Nissin Tonkotsu Instant NoodlesImage credit: ปันโปร – Punpromotion

This new cup noodle is currently on a special offer from now till 23rd August 202. You can get your hands on it at a promotional price of only ฿29 (~USD0.90) instead of the usual price of ฿36 (~USD1).

Nissin Tonkotsu Instant NoodlesImage credit: Nissin Foods Thailand

This bowl is a recommended item that real instant noodle lovers shouldn’t miss!

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