Thai style pancakes with fillings

Many street stalls and restaurants in Bangkok have been serving authentic recipes for a long time, ranging from decades to even almost 100 years. Those shops remind us of the good old days and also offer the new generation classic snacks to try.

Nhombox J.Eat has been selling a favourite snack among Thais called Kanom Klong Mai Keed, or matchbox pancakes, for over 30 years.

What to order

Thai style pancakes

Kanom Klong Mai Keed is a fluffy pancake that gets its name from its small matchbox shape that comes stuffed with different fillings. There will be a hot stamp on the top to indicate the filling inside. 

At Nhombox J.Eat, there are over 6 filings to choose, ranging from green pandan custard (สังขยา), cream custard (ไส้ครีม), red bean paste (ถั่วแดง), taro (เผือก), sausage, and ham cheese. 

Nhombox J.Eat

The matchbox pancakes are made fresh to order and filled with a generous portion of filling. The pancake flour is soft and has a buttery smell with a subtly sweet taste. We guarantee that the big portion of creamy fillings will impress all sweet tooths.

Thai style pancakes

For the savoury fillings, they offer flavours like sausage, and juicy ham & cheese.

Nhombox J.Eat
Best eaten when hot

The pancakes are available in 2 sets: ฿35/4 pieces and ฿100/12 pieces

Tasty snack to try in BKK

Nhombox J.Eat

Stop at Saladaeng BTS and take Exit 4, walking in the direction of Saladaeng Soi 1. You will then see the store’s booth hidden in front of a nearby hair salon. 

Nhombox J.Eat

With its convenient location and a reputation lasting over 30 years, this is another spot sweet tooths shouldn’t miss when in Bangkok. 

Nhombox J.Eat
Address: Soi Sathorn 2 (Saladaeng Soi 1), Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500.
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-2PM
Nearest Train Station: Saladaeng BTS
Telephone: +66 83 044 7087

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