B117 is a mutated virus strain from the UK

UPDATES: British travellers now allowed in Bangkok, but under strict quarantine rules.

They’re required to stay in their room through the majority of their stay under more solid measures by the Department of Disease Control.

A British traveller recounted his experience to The Thaiger. Currently in quarantine at a Bangkok ASQ Hotel, he’s been told not to enter the hotel’s lounge areas. He is also not to use the swimming pool until he’s shown no symptoms by his 12th day in quarantine.

A British family of four – arrived in Thailand on 21st December 2020 tested positive of the Covid-19 variant strain.  

Mr. Opas Karnkawinpong, The Department of Disease Control Chief, ensures other passengers who were on board the same flight, tested negative for Covid-19, as shared on Bangkok Post.

B117 found in 4 British nationals upon arrival in Thailand

Dr. Yong Poovorawan claims that the UK Covid-19 strain is identified as the B117, that’s fast-spreading and led flights from the United Kingdom to be suspended. 

Dr. Poovorawan states that Thais don’t have to be alarmed. Instead, he suggests they continue to be cautious when socialising with others, as shared by The Nation Thailand

Be mindful of crowds

Although it has been very tempting to travel, it’s still very important to stay safe and be socially aware of mass gatherings and events.

Featured images adapted from: Thai PBS World

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