Netizens call to boycott foodpanda

Update: The rider in the video, Mr. Sittichok has been arrested and charged with breaking Lese Majeste laws. He has also been charged with arson – a video was said to show him setting fire to a display with an image of the king, reported The Thaiger.

Furthermore, he is also facing charges of breaking Covid-19 regulations against mass gatherings. If the charges are upheld, Mr. Sittichok could be imprisoned for up to 15 years.


Protestors gathered around Thailand’s Democracy Monument on Sunday 18th July 2021. Attendants criticised the administration’s handling of the Covid-19 situation, as cases continue to rise by four digits daily.

Reports of violence at the event quickly surfaced, leading to the quick dispersion of the protest. A video was uploaded of two demonstrators riding on a motorcycle with a foodpanda delivery container on the back of their vehicle at the scene. The food delivery platform responded by denouncing the rider on Twitter.

Their tweet has led to public outrage, and calls to boycott the app.

Recent Covid-19 news:

Calls to boycott foodpanda made by Twitter users

Demonstrators gathered around the Democracy Monument on 18th July 2021 to voice their disapproval of the government’s approach towards mitigating the spread of Covid-19. Their criticisms centred around the speed at which vaccines are being secured and distributed.

Two individuals were seen at the protest on a motorcycle with a foodpanda delivery parcel on the back in a video uploaded on Twitter. Major delivery company, foodpanda, responded to the tweet with plans to terminate the rider’s employment, according to Thai Enquirer.

foodpanda-protest-tweetScreenshot: @tonpatiwat

Translation: We are upholding our strict code of conduct by terminating the rider’s employment immediately. Please be aware that foodpanda is against all types of terrorism and violence, and are willing to help authorities bring justice to offenders. 

Shortly after, social media users popularised #แบนfoodpanda, which translates to “boycott foodpanda”.

The original tweet that foodpanda responded to
Screenshot: @tonpatiwat

Twitter users came out to support the rider, and condemned the company’s response to the video. The hashtag #แบนfoodpanda was filled with screen recordings of users deleting the app off of their phones.

Foodpanda decides against terminating the rider

A netizen provided a graph detailing number of foodpanda’s active users, which showed a decrease of 1.87 million users from 18th July 2021 to 19th July 2021.

Image credit: @2004doggy

Shortly after their response to the rider’s video, foodpanda issued another statement ensuring their followers that they will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Screenshot: @foodpanda_th

They have also decided against terminating the rider, as written in Khaosod English.

Foodpanda rider stands by his decision

Another foodpanda rider has posted a picture of himself holding up three fingers, a symbol of democracy, whilst wearing his delivery jacket.

foodpanda-rider-protestScreenshot: Dung Pan-in Saengsila

In the post, he writes that he’s thankful for the opportunity to make a living through foodpanda, but detests companies who see citizens as terrorists. The rider further states, “If I am fired because of the company’s trivial and selfish values, then I’m okay with that.”

Currently, the post shows over 60K shares with 6.7K comments.

Riders from other delivery companies have also invited him to join their squad.

Showing compassion towards our delivery riders

Netizens displayed a great deal of solidarity and support for this foodpanda rider through their popularisation of the hashtag. Their actions have demonstrated how strong the community can be.

While we may have deleted foodpanda off our phones, it’s important to remember that these delivery apps are sometimes riders’ sole sources of income.

Whether we’re using Grab, LINEMan or Robinhood, let’s make it a point to tip our riders in these difficult times. After all, they’re the ones bringing our favourite restaurants to us.

Cover image adapted from: The Dhaka Tribune
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