Over The Moon on Netflix

Yesterday, Netflix Thailand tweeted a set of photos showing a line of beaming tuk tuks setting out to Bangkok’s streets to promote the new animated movie,Over The Moon.

Image credit: @netflixth

The tuk tuks were designed after the rabbit-shaped rocket seen in the film – super adorable!

In the sub-tweets, some users who came across this parade of glowing rockets shared the photos they’d taken as well. 

Image credit: Netflix

Over the Moon is Netflix’s new American-Chinese movie with a musical touch about a girl named Fei Fei who goes on a mission to free the goddess of the moon from the curse of immortality.

You can check out the movie’s trailer here.

Based on Chinese classic myth

Image credit: Yun Boutique

The film is based on China’s classic legend about Chang E, an ordinary woman who mistakenly drank an immortal potion. No longer mortal, Chang E wasn’t allowed to live on earth. She then ascended onto the moon, far from her lover Houyi.

Each year, Houyi presented Chang E with her favourite dessert, in hopes that she would see him. Therefore, this legend is also behind mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Anyone with a Netflix subscription can watch Over The Moon right now.

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Featured image adapted from: Bangkok Post

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