Ne La Mit in Chiang Mai has bubble villas

Outdoor camping is gonna be a struggle, no matter how “relaxing” people make it out to be. Hence, glamping options are on the rise in Thailand. These sites allow people to get close to nature’s gifts without having to deal with the dirt and dust. 

One of our top-picks for glamping is Ne La Mit in Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai. It’s an American-style glamp-site with bubble villas that have private terraces and outdoor bathtubs. 

Let’s see what else this glam campsite has to offer.

Forest getaways in Thailand

Ne La Mit is a hidden glampsite in Chiang Mai’s mountains

Ne La Mit is a glamping haven hiding in the mountains and forests of Mae Lai Village, Chiang Mai. 

Ne La Mit domesAll rooms are in a bubble style tent allowing you a full view of the forestry
Image credit: Go Went Go

Located in the north of Thailand and being high up in the hills, the weather at Ne La Mit is cool throughout most of the year. Temperatures drop as low as 20°C at night, even in the summer. 

So, those who couldn’t show off their winter outfits on their since-cancelled overseas trips can make use of them at this glampsite.

Ne La Mit campImage credit: Ne La Mit

The bright minds behind the establishment seemed to have built it with the United States in mind – the campsite resembles places like Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe. 

Also, each bubble is named after a state known for their abundant natural resources and parks such as: Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Alaska, and Montana.

dome hotel thailandImage credit: เนรมิต Ne La Mit

The decor inside each bubble is also unmistakably American. The emphasis on cozy-ness with fuzzy blankets, throw pillows and faux-fur-everything takes each person who enters the room onto a set of a Hallmark Christmas film. 

Ne La Mit Chiang MaiImage credit: @mydreamstew

With only a total of five rooms with partitions in between them, your privacy is guaranteed. So, you can enjoy amenities like your transparent bubble dome and outdoor bathtub to your heart’s content. 

Ne La Mit fireplaceImage credit: Ne La Mit

There’s even an electric fireplace where you can sip cocoa and re-create that scene from your favourite holiday movies. 

outdoor bathtub thailandImage credit: @fon_tunteeta

There is also an outdoor bathtub situated on each room’s private wooden terrace for you to dip in while listening to the sound of a trickling stream nearby. If you wanna get closer to the sound, you can get there by simply walking down the steps located at the side of each room.

ne la mit streamImage credit: เนรมิต Ne La Mit

A night in one of these bubbles starts at ฿5,990 (~USD180) and can go up to ฿6,990 (~USD215) per night for two people, depending on the view you get from each terrace. Children with ages under nine can stay at the hotel for free – limited to only one child per room.

You can book your stay directly through Ne La Mit’s Facebook page

The price includes breakfast for two, which is, of course, going to be cooked American-style. You can enjoy the treats at the hotel’s cafe. 

Nibs and sips at Ne La Mit

In the cold mornings, don your shawls and cardigans before heading down to Ne La Mit’s dining area to enjoy ham, sausages, and scrambled eggs.

For those who are feeling a more Thai-style breakfast, the establishment also has rice soup with either shrimp or pork.

Ne La Mit 1Image credit: Go Went Go

During the day, afternoon tea sets that include delicacies like Chiffon Cake and Chamomile Tea at ฿599 (~USD19) per set. The set is available for guests to either enjoy at the dining area or in their own rooms. 

afternoon tea ne la mitImage credit: JomJoy’s Story

In the evening, the stay offers Shabu hotpot dining with options like sliced pork and/or beef with prices ranging from ฿300 to ฿799 (~USD10 to ~USD25).

shabu shabu ne la mitA warm, hearty dinner is the best way to end the day.
Image credit: อีแว่บ

A “winter” getaway in Thailand

We’ve spent the past months sitting in our air-conditioned rooms to avoid Bangkok’s heat as well as the effects of the current situation. 

While it’s preferable to sit in the AC as opposed to in the sun, relaxing on a chilly mountain in a green forest and listening to the running streams nearby sounds a better option than both of them. 

Ne La Mit is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with little touches of exclusivity for your comfort. 

Ne La Mit
Address: 59 Moo 2 Huay Kaew Road, Maeon, Amphoe Mae On, Chiang Mai 50130
Telephone: +66 6 4451 4542

Ne La Mit website | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from (clockwise from left): @jomjoyystory, เนรมิต Ne La Mit,  @fon_tunteeta

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