NAHIM Cafe Bangkok Has A Taiwanese-Retro Theme, Vintage Furniture & Colourful Treats From ฿90

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Apart from its never-ending list of street food to try, mind-blowing bars and endless list of night markets, Bangkok is also well-known for its cafes. With every new discovery coming in with a strong concept and a customised menu, visitors are usually spoilt for choice during their visit.

Enter the newly renovated and reopened NAHIM Cafe – a vibrant Taiwanese-retro themed cafe stacked with vintage furniture.

If you’re an expert cafe hopper who’s searching for a new afternoon tea spot to visit in Bangkok, read on to find out what NAHIM has to offer.

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IG-worthy retro decor, featuring their iconic green truck

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As one of the most recognisable features of NAHIM cafe, their iconic green truck is incredibly hard to miss and a well-loved photo spot for all who visit.

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Taking a first step into this cafe will mean that a sense of nostalgia will hit you quickly, once you see the colourful menu and welcome signs throwing us back into the 80s.

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With vintage props like a old tele, miniature type-writers warmly lit by soft yellow light, the cafe emits a welcoming ambience that embraces its visitors like home.

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Of course, with their other props like old-school curtains and lamps, it’s definitely giving off some Taiwanese-retro vibes like in the film Our Times. Cue the soundtrack someone?

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Enjoy colourful treats like pastel donuts from ฿90 (~USD2.57)

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One of the things I absolutely love about this cafe is how it ties everything up together with its beautiful use of colour – not just in its thematic decor but also in its playful relationship with their food.

If you’re one of those IG foodies with an obsession over colour-coordinated food, then trust me when I say that NAHIM Cafe has got you covered. I mean, just look at that orange-glazed donut with a smiley face, and imagine how it will add a lil’ cheer to your feed.

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A Classic Donut will only set you back by ฿90 (~USD2.57), which is incredibly affordable given the amount of thought and effort put into decorating one of these lovely treats.

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If you’d like to have a drink to go with it, they always have Pairing Menus for you to choose from, offering combinations like Milk Coffee + Flavour Donut at ฿130 (~USD3.59) or the option of having a Fruit Soda + Flavour Donut at the same price. Surely, anyone with a sweet tooth will quickly fall for the charms of this cafe.

Getting to NAHIM Cafe

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With NAHIM Cafe not just bringing some delight to your palette, but also your eyes with all their bright and vibrant colours, we’re sure that a visit here is bound to make your day a lot better.

Address: 78 Soi Nana Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Opening Hours:
Daily, 2PM – 10.30PM
+66 9 5989 9839
NAHIM Cafe’s Facebook | Google Maps

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