Astrologist predicted pandemic 

In 1984, Neshaka Robeva, a retired Rhythmic Olympic Gymnastic coach from Bulgaria visited  Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, or Baba Vanga, the “Nostradamus” of Eastern Europe. The mystic said to her, “Neshka, the Corona will be all over us.”

 Baba Vanga predicted other world events 

Baba Vanga’s Memorial
Image credit: MSN

Baba Vanga is a Bulgarian icon. Known amongst the entire country for her third eye – which she gained after losing her eyesight – has foreseen other world events like 9/11, Obama’s Presidency and Brexit. The mystic also predicted that the 45th president of the United States would fall sick as shared on MSN.

Former Bulgarian Rhythmic Olympic Gymnastic coach, Neshka Robeva
Image credit: Wikipedia

Let’s predict that the pandemic will end

Even though things have been crazy for everyone in these past 2 years, so are Baba Vanga’s predictions. Maybe it wouldn’t be out-of-this-world for us to manifest the end to all this chaos. 

Featured images adapted from: FDA, EG 24 News

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