Mysterious lady in white on camera

Many Thai daredevils have attempted to capture mysterious entities that can’t be seen by the naked eye to prove their coexistence with humans.

This fresh story is about a mysterious lady in white who got caught on camera in a ghost hunting video by Thai content creators.

How did they spot this figure?

Thai horror and superstition:

Mysterious lady in white walks in darkness

Thai content creators, ShockStory, ventured into a temple graveyard at night. Whilst live streaming on their TikTok account for their audiences, they noticed a mysterious lady in white walking in the eerie darkness, broadcasted by Channel News 8 on 10th June 2021. 

Image credit: Channel News 8

In the video, one of the team members shines a torchlight down the gloomy aisle – the lady appears to walk with confidence whilst passing through the burial grounds. 

Image credit: Channel News 8

However, the crew kind of had to chase the figure down before capturing it on camera. The video host noticed some sort of movement in the shadows and ran after this “ghost” – almost like a “Tom and Jerry” wild chase in the dark.

Ghost hunting content creators in Thailand

Ghost stories and superstition tales in Thailand are frequently challenged by ghost hunting content creators. 

The Land of Smiles has a strong reputation for horror movies, ghost sightings and black magic. Hence, these creators have a high demand for their content.

Are they controversial?

Whilst some people live for this kind of thrilling content, there are others who try to avoid it completely. It’s even said to be taunting dead spirits, and therefore immoral. 

There are many different arguments and other perspectives on creepy content, but we want to know what you think.

If you’re a new viewer for this kind of content, what’s your first reaction to a story like this? 

Cover images adapted from: Channel News 8

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