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What do you do when your go-to travel buddy wants to go to the mountains, but you’re in dire need of a sunny getaway that involves poolside margaritas under the sun?

As a beach-person, this writer’s go-to move is to persistently send pictures of photogenic beachside spots to their beloved mountain-enthusiast until they cave. Of course, though, this comes at the cost of us promising that our next trip will be to the mountains.

If you relate and are already struggling to accept that a mountainside getaway can be just as fun without some elements of a beach vacation – even for just a short trip – then we’d recommend booking a tropical pool villa at this mountain resort in Chiang Mai.

Nope, that’s not a typo. Mt. Cloud is a beach resort that’s been carved into the misty sierras of northern Thailand that’ll satisfy both mountain and beach lovers.

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Mountainside pool villas in Chiang Mai

High above the mists on the side of a mountain in Chiang Mai’s Mae Taeng‘s province sits Mt. Cloud, a boutique resort.

mountain resort chiang mai
Image credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ

Surrounded on all sides by forestry, hills, mists and fog, visitors can be rest assured that there’ll be no noisy neighbours to distract them from their getaway.

mountain resort chiang maiImage credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ

In fact, this place is so private that there are only four available accommodation options: the Pool Villa, New Pool Villa and two Glamping-style cottages.

Mountainside pool villas in Chiang Mai

The Pool Villa appears to be this resort’s highlight, with almost every picture on the place’s geotag showcasing it.

mountain resort chiang mai
Image credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ

Well, can we blame them?

It’s not every day that you see a tropical-style villa with mock-thatched rooftops, sunbeds and a straight-up pool amongst the mist.

mt-cloudImage credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ

The OG one-bedroom Pool Villa is distinguishable by its signature circular pool, and general spherical-design.

mt-cloudImage credit: Khon Tee Tiew

The semi-outdoor bathroom, outdoor shower area, bedroom, sun-area and dining area are all set atop disc-shaped platforms, giving the tropical villa a semi-futuristic feel to it.

chiang mai pool villaImage credit: Khon Tee Tiew

Prices for this villa start from ฿4,900 (~USD149)/night for two persons.

If you were hoping for a larger space for a bigger group of travellers, though, don’t worry. Read on to find out more about the resort’s newest addition.

Family-friendly pool villa in Thailand

The New Pool Villa is similarly laid out in an open-concept manner and also relies on faux-thatched roofs to bring out that tropical vibe, but has more of an angular look to it.

Just check out that rhomboid-shaped pool.
Image credit: @lazycoup

Just like its predecessor, this new villa has sunning areas, built-in hammocks, a semi-outdoor bathroom and an outdoor shower.

chiang mai pool villa
Image credit: @mmountaincloud

What’s different, though, is that this option sleeps up to four people, has a game room, and an extra bedroom.

chiang mai pool villaImage credit: @tuiinam

And, don’t worry. This villa also has semi-0utdoor where you can look out over the mountains and the mists.

Prices start from ฿9,900 (~USD300)/night for four persons.

Glamping tents at Mt. Cloud

If soaking in hot water as the mountain mists envelope you sounds like an ideal vacation, but you’re not necessarily keen on committing to a pool-villa, fret not.


The Chiang Mai boutique resort has just opened two Glamping tents – yes, with outdoor bathtubs.

glamping thailandImage credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ

We’d encourage nature lovers to go for this accommodation option, as literally everything is outdoors.

glamping thailandImage credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ

While the glampsites don’t have outdoor pools, they do offer the same views  that the grander villas do, plus a swing.

glamping thailandImage credit: @mickymoo.lim

A night in one of these tents starts at ฿3,000 (~USD91)/night for two persons.

The best of both worlds

mountain resort chiang maiImage credit: @mapuraaa

“Mountains or beaches?” Well, thanks to this new resort in Chiang Mai, it seems that both beach and mountain lovers can enjoy their vacations together.

While there isn’t a physical beach here, as a beach-lover, this writer can compromise on having a swanky pool that eliminates the need to worry about sand getting everywhere.

With only four rooms, Mt. Cloud does fill up months in advance. So, if you’re thinking of heading over any time soon, we’d recommending booking your stay here as soon as possible.

Mt. Cloud
Address: Unnamed Road Mueang Kai, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai 50150
Telephone: +66 6 4934 1524
Mt. Cloud Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise From Top Left): @mapuraaa, @bewtyy, @bewtyy

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