In mid-August, we covered COFFEE CUB, a coffee shop on a motorcycle run by a passionate barista. Turns out, that’s not the only new-generation coffee shop on wheels in Bangkok.

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Tucked away in a small soi beside Silpakorn University (Tha Phra) is, a rustic coffee stand operating from a white Vespa with a sidecar.

This cool-looking, humble coffee cart is run by Jern, an experienced barista who has always dreamt of opening a coffee shop of her own.

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When our barista learned that opening a traditional on-site coffee shop required a lot of money, she turned to her beloved Vespa and transformed it into the mobile coffee shop we see today.

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And instead of using an espresso machine, Jern went with good ‘ol Moka pots that can be used with a gas stove. This coffee-making method is said to produce a stronger roasted aroma and crema (brownish espresso foam). 

Sip your coffee at this local spot

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Thanks to Jern’s affable nature and affordable drinks, her mobile caffeine oasis is popular among locals in Maharat and Tha Phra neighbourhoods.

You can enjoy sweet Thai-style drinks like Iced Coffee (฿25, ~USD0.80) or Chayen (฿30, ~USD1) or more well-known items like Latte or Mocha from just ฿45 (~USD1.45)

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If it’s your lucky day and there’s a seat available, you might want to sit down and appreciate Dripped Coffee with beans Jern has carefully selected. You can learn more about the selections and the prices on the spot.   

Although selling drinks on a motorbike with a sidecar is nothing new to us Thais, seeing the younger generation walking down this path is really refreshing.

Thanks for adding more life into our street food and drink scene, Jern!
Address: Phraya Phet Alley (near Silpakorn University), Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 12PM – 7PM. (Closed on Sundays)
Nearest Train Station: Sanamchai MRT
Telephone: (+66)090 326 5510

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