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There are faithful sons who will do anything to help their mother in times of need, but there are also mothers who go to the moon and back for their children’s happiness.

In a village in China’s Guizhou Province, a mother brings her son to school in a wheelchair and on her back. Her son suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and dreams of pursuing college.

He suffers from ALS

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Every day in Tangzhe , 48-year-old Yang Dalian brings her son to school in a wheelchair, carrying him on her back when he needs to move around.

Her teenage son, Yao Wen, suffers from ALS and cannot walk on his own. But he, like everyone else, has ambitions as well. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease that affects nerve cells and makes it gradually difficult to control muscles until paralysed.

A few years ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge was a challenge to raise awareness by dumping ice water onto yourself. The cold feeling was meant to demonstrate how it feels to have stiff muscles like ALS patients.

He works hard towards his goal

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Despite his condition, Yao Wen works hard in school. His teacher remarks that he’s never been late to classes and gets along well with others.

Yao Wen’s dream is to pursue college despite circumstances, and his mother fully supports him, “If he is admitted to a college, I’ll go with him, no matter how hard it is for me,” Yang told Xinhua News.

Yao is currently finishing his senior year at Yuping Country Ethnic High School.

Never give up

Yao is not only an inspiration to his fellow classmates but to us as well. If he can overcome his condition to chase after his dreams, then we should fight just as hard to seize the day.

We wish Yao and his mother the best of luck in following his college dreams.

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