Monitor lizard visits TikToker’s house

Monitor lizards are very interesting reptiles that reside all around Thailand. They can be spotted in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s cityscape as well, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if you spot one in your house.

A monitor lizard broke into TikToker, @khwanratke24‘s house on 26th May 2021.

Instead of running around panicking – like most people would – she asked for lucky lotto numbers from the lizard instead.

Let’s find out how exactly her scaly house guest helped reverse her fortunes that very day.

Thai ways to win the lotto:

TikToker asked monitor lizard for lucky numbers 

The reptilian visitor first showed up at the TikToker’s house on 26th May 2021, Vesak Day, which is a Buddhist holiday. 

The auspicious date, combined with the fact that animals appearing in unexpected places are said to bring winning lottery numbers, made the owner believe that the monitor lizard came to give her luck.

So, she asked the lizard to help her pick a lucky ticket number, reported Komchadluek

Monitor Lizard Visits TikToker's House, Helps Her Pick A Lucky Lotto Number
She even revealed her postal address for her luck to align with her location.
Screenshot: @khwanratke24

In the clip, the TikToker struck up a conversation with her unexpected new friend.


Buddy, can you please budge a bit so I can go downstairs? Kindly please move away. Please also give me some lucky numbers ok?

She apparently tried “guiding” the reptilian visitor to leave her house from her bedroom. Together, they slowly walked down the staircase, so she encouraged it like a friend would, but it would only barely move along.

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Monitor lizards: the lottery psychics

Other similar cases – involving locals – do exist. These individuals also believed that monitor lizards could help them pick the winning numbers in lotteries.

Monitor Lizard Visits TikToker's House, Helps Her Pick A Lucky Lotto Number
Image credit: Sanook

For instance, on 27th April 2021, there was an uncle who caught a monitor lizard hanging around his house, and asked the lizard to help reveal some lucky numbers. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t win, reported Sanook.

Stay tuned for her winnings

Many believe in the law of attraction – positive thoughts beget positive experiences. If we wish for something hard enough, the universe will intervene to make it come true.

Considering that the TikToker was kind to a monitor lizard on a Buddhist holiday and oh-so-nicely asked for some winning lottery numbers, perhaps the universe – or the reptile – will answer her prayers.

What do you think? Do you have any tricks for winning the lottery?

Cover images adapted from: @khwanratke24

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