Thai monitor lizard shops at 7-11

Tua Hia or the more polite Tua Ngern Tua Thong are words that Thais use for ‘monitor lizards’, which are a common sight in Thailand. Not only do they wander around in parks or basically anywhere near a pool of water, but they are occasionally seen walking down the streets of Bangkok like another city dweller.

Just yesterday, a monitor lizard created a small scene of chaos in a 7-Eleven store after going through the doors scavenging for some boxes of milk, and it seemed like it didn’t need help with the higher shelves.

Lizard cools off in a rare spot

On the eve of 6th April, Facebook user Jejene Narumpa shared a video of a large monitor lizard entering a 7-Eleven store in Bangkok to “shop” for milk, according to Amarin TV.

The reptile was seen casually crawling towards the back of the store to where the packages of milk were stored on shelves, making people think that it was looking to add calcium to their diet.

Turns out, after seeing the lizard clawing its way up to the top just to plop down and ignoring all the milk boxes falling to the floor, people concluded that the not-so-little troublemaker was simply trying to find a place to cool off from the summer heat.

lizard on shelvesImage credit: Jejene Narumpa

While it is not the first time that monitor lizards entered a house or a building in Thailand, it is certainly rare for them to bop to the top of a UHT milk shelf, which led to the Facebook user’s caption describing that this giant lizard would climb mountains just for an AC.

Other netizens have compared the lizard to Godzilla that is missing its combatant in the scene – Kong – whereas another has called it a 101 on how to get a screaming attention from girls.

The original post is currently at 3,500+ likes and 11,000+ shares adding colour to everyday life in Bangkok.

Thailand’s kind of summer

Thailand is no doubt one of the hottest countries in Southeast Asia, even animals are leaving their natural habitats just to stay out of the sun.

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Cover image adapted from: Jejene Narumpa

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