Hospital prioritises treating pro-government patients

On 18th July 2021, a protest at the Democracy Monument occurred. Demonstrators voiced their criticisms of the administration’s mishandling of the Covid-19 situation, particularly the vaccination rollout.

Outcomes from the event include a foodpanda rider being arrested for allegedly breaking Lese Majeste laws, as well as Covid-19 regulations during the protest. 

Furthermore, the owner of Mongkutwattana Hospital has decided to prioritise treating pro-government Covid-19 patients over those who oppose the administration; he has also banned hospital staff from ordering foodpanda deliveries.

Here’s what led to his decision, as well as the aftermath. 

Covid-19 updates:

Mongkutwattana Hospital to prioritise pro-government patients 

On 20th July 2021, the owner of Mongkutwattana Hospital asserted on a Facebook post that the staff should prioritise treating Covid-19 patients whose political beliefs align with those of the government’s. The post stated that the hospital will consider providing treatment to Covid-19 patients that attended the demonstration if they have the available resources.

He states that hospital beds are running out, and that anti-government patients have most likely caught the disease while protesting on 18th July 2021.

Screenshot: เหรียญทอง แน่นหนา

Thus, the owner asks that the public be aware of the current situation and why the medical facility needs to prioritise patients who are loyal to the country.

Moreover, the owner mandated that hospital employees refrain from using foodpanda’s services, according to Mono29 News. The announcement came after the delivery platform issued an apology for referring to one of their riders as a “terrorist” for attending the protest that occurred on 18th July 2021. 

Screenshot: เหรียญทอง แน่นหนา

Translation: …Those who work for the hospital, please use alternative delivery platforms. We don’t permit FOODPANDA deliveries here, because we want to protect the royal institution…

For individuals who need Covid-19 tests, they’re able to get the RT-PCR antigen tests directly at the hospital. 

Netizens give opinions on the hospital’s decision

The hospital owner’s announcement addresses two of Thailand’s trending topics: Covid-19 and the government’s handling of the situation. Thus, netizens were quick to share their opinions. 

Screenshot: เหรียญทอง แน่นหนา

Netizen 1: The protestors shouldn’t get treatment. 

Netizen 2: Doctor, you have the same views as my family. 

Screenshot: เหรียญทอง แน่นหนา

Translation: Those who love the country won’t have to use your hospital beds because all of them have already been vaccinated with Sinovac. We believe in Sinovac!

Screenshot: เหรียญทอง แน่นหนา

Translation: You shouldn’t do this. You don’t deserve to be a doctor if you think like this. Is this ethical for a doctor? This is dividing people even further, and fostering inequality. You need to clear the rubbish that’s in your heart.

Covid-19 has caused multiple difficult situations

Due to the Covid-19 situation, specifically the rapidly rising infection rates, many hospitals are reaching their patient capacities and running out of resources. 

With total infections nearing 500,000, many hospitals are finding it very difficult to treat all cases. We hope that Mongkutwattana Hospital finds the resources to treat as many Covid-19 patients as they can in order to improve the nation’s well-being. 

Cover image adapted from: Homenayoo 

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