Miss Universe 2020 highlights

Last weekend, the Miss Universe competition took centre stage as the world watched representatives from each nation compete for the coveted title. So, it’s no surprise that today’s headlines seem to mostly consist of pageant-related news. 

In case you were busy, but want to be part of the many threads talking about the competition, here are some highlights you can use as talking points. 

Other pageant related news: 

1. Miss Universe Mexico took the crown

Andrea Meza, whose full name is Alma Andrea Mezza Carmona, is the official winner of the 69th Miss Universe pageant. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: Philstar

The full time model and engineer has been winning pageants since 2016: her titles include Miss Mexico 2017, Mexicana Universal 2020, and now, Miss Universe 2020. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: Miss Universe

2. Miss Universe Thailand made Top 10 for the sixth consecutive year 

The pageant announced the Top 10 finalists on 16th May 2021. Celebrations erupted nationwide as we heard that Miss Universe Thailand, Amanda Obdam was top seven out of 74 nation representatives. 

miss-universe-highlightsFun fact: Amanda was roommates with Miss Universe Singapore during the event.
Image credit: @missuniverse.sg

Miss Universe Thailand is not only celebrated for the way she carries herself and her beauty, but also for her contributions to society. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: @haveyoulistenedcampaign

For example, she is the founder of the “Have You Listened” movement that encourages the public to listen with empathy.

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: Miss Universe Thailand

3. Miss Universe Nepal brought the Himalayas to the stage

In this portion of the competition, contestants don elaborate outfits rooted in their country’s culture and stun audience members with not only the garment’s beauty, but also the creativity and craftsmanship in their nation. 

miss universe highlightsImage credit: @mun_missuniversenepal

Miss Universe Nepal, Anshika Sharma’s costume was strikingly full of elements that symbolised Nepal. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: @mun_missuniversenepal

Anshika Sharma brought a model of the Himalayan mountains, which is most famous for Mt. Everest. Additionally, she had strings of prayer flags that are often found along the climb coming out on the sides of her costume. 

4. Miss Universe Myanmar wins national costume competition

A must-see portion of the Miss Universe pageant, the national costume round never fails to dazzle. Although, this year the winner’s costume was simple in comparison to others.

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: Djazairy

The message she chose to broadcast, however, earned her a win: Miss Universe Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin used the star-studded pageant to signal the turmoil her nation is facing. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: Miss Universe Myanmar

The Myanmar representative further elaborated to the New York Times, “They [the regime] are killing our people like animals.”

5. Miss Singapore addresses hate crimes against the Asian community 

Adding to the list of political statements made during the national costume competition is Miss Universe Singapore, Bernadette Belle Wu Ong. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: @msuniverse.sg

Her costume was designed with the colours of the Singaporean flag. According to the National Heritage Board, the red is said to symbolise the equality of man with white representing purity. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: @missuniverse.sg

Her costume also featured “STOP ASIAN HATE” prominently on the cape that trailed behind her.

miss universe highlights

Screenshot: @missuniverse.sg

While international media and netizens praised Miss Universe Singapore for speaking out against hate crimes against the Asian population, there are some who criticised her for “ignoring” the issues in her own nation. 

6. Miss Universe Philippines found an ally in Miss Universe 2018

Also facing criticism for her national costume is Rabiya Mateo, Miss Universe Philippines. 

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: @LazadaPH

Rabiya Mateo dazzled thousands of viewers with her national costume that was inspired by the Philippines flag. However, Rappler reported that netizens were unhappy with the fact that the representative did not wear the headdress that was originally part of the costume. 


Miss Universe Philippines mentioned that the headdress was difficult to keep on in an apology to fans – Rabiya Mateo further stated that she cut her finger in the process of trying to keep the headdress on.  


Image credit: @catrionauniverse via Rappler

Former Miss Universe Philippines and winner of Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray was quick to come to Rabiya Mateo’s rescue. 

7. Louis Fonsi serenades Top 5 finalists

For the “Final Look” portion of the competition, the Top 5 Miss Universe finalists were serenaded by Luis Fonsi. 

miss-universe-highlightsGetty images via Telemundo 

TBH the performance looked like a scene out of Miss Congeniality, and the “Despacito” singer’s vocals only added to the pageant’s glamour. 

miss-universe-highlightsLuis Fonsi replaced original act, Pitbull a.k.a Mr. 305.
Image credit: Best HQ Wallpapers

8. Arden Cho from Teen Wolf was part of the panel

For those of you wondering why one of the judges looked extra familiar, it’s because she’s no other than Arden Cho a.k.a Kira from Teen Wolf

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: @arden_cho

After leaving the popular show, Arden Cho has been dabbling in acting, singing and even acting as CEO of lifestyle brand, Leonard & Church. The multi-talented actress has also been speaking at events that encourage society’s youth to follow their passions, as written on Miss Universe.

miss-universe-highlightsImage credit: The Hollywood Reporter 

A taste of normalcy for the world 

For the past year and a half, we’ve had to completely restructure international travel. Global summits have been moved online, as well as concerts and other in-person events. 

The Miss Universe competition offered all of us a taste of normalcy, beauty and grace. 

What are your thoughts on this year’s pageant? Share them with us in the comments. 

Cover images adapted from: @missuniverse.sg (Left), @andremezamx (Centre), Djazairy (Right) 

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