Bridge Collapses During Miss Thailand Photoshoot, Contestants Fall Into Dirty Pond Below

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Unexpected segment during Miss Thailand

Thailand’s beauty pageants are hard to beat; from elaborate televised shows to contestants wearing the craziest costumes, they sure know what they’re doing.

But Miss Thailand’s 2020 contests had no idea what was in store for them when a photoshoot went wrong after a bridge collapsed beneath them.

Couldn’t support their weight

In what seemed to be a photo-op for the Miss Thailand contestants in Chiang Mai on 7th December 2020, the ladies were first seen lining up on a suspension bridge.

miss thailand 2020

The smiles and waves soon turned into yelps after the bridge collapsed shortly after everyone got on, leaving the girls knee deep in dirty pond water.

30 of them were reportedly on the bridge at the time.

miss thailand 2020 bridge

Looking at the video, which has been making its rounds, you can see that the bridge does seem pretty shaky once everyone starts getting on.

bridge collapse

Thankfully, none of the ladies got seriously injured in the process. However, one contestant suffered cuts on her forehead while two others got minor scrapes from the fall. All of them have since gone for a check up and have been discharged.

Many of the contestants were able to laugh it off and compose themselves fairly quickly, while onlookers chipped in to help everyone get out of the pond.

miss thailand 2020

Cafe owner covered costs

miss thailand 2020
Not the swimsuit segment anyone was expecting

The incident took place at a restaurant the contestants had been visiting in Chiang Mai. The owner of the eatery, 43-year-old Worapot Chatkanjana, offered ฿500,000 as compensation to cover hospital bills and get everyone’s clothes cleaned, shared Daily Mail.

We hope the ladies have recovered from the incident and carry on with their pageant with no further mishaps!

Featured images adapted from: Newsflare

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